Jack Russell Terrier Picture Caption Contest Results

The following are the results from our Picture Caption Contests for 2013.

Jack Russell Terrier Picture Caption Contest Results

Results from Contest # 558 [December 29, 2013 - 44 entries]

Contest #558 1st place House Hunters follows Jack and Jill Russell as they search for the perfect mutt hut! [votes: 20]  Jill
2nd place Peeping Jacks [votes: 18]  El-jay
3rd place Do you prefer dark or white meat? [votes: 9]  Herman
Honorable Mentions
  • C'mon, sneak out and we'll go have some fun! [votes: 7]
  • Here chick chick chick...here chick chick chick. [votes: 7]
  • This is the house that Jack built... [votes: 6]
  • With puppies due soon, Cora and Mac go house hunting. [votes: 5]
  • Window shopping (for rodents). [votes: 5]
  • A "couple of good reasons" to put up curtains! [votes: 4]
  • Now that's a dog house! [votes: 4]
  • Chickens! [votes: 4]
  • Does it have a microwave? [votes: 3]
  • Do you think they will go down on their asking price dear? I just love the floor plan. [votes: 2]
  • Cat Burglers [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 557 [December 22, 2013 - 66 entries]

Contest #557 1st place A brown and white one from the Jack of the Month Club. [votes: 19]  Clay VanDoren
2nd place pee nuts [votes: 8]  mike b
3rd place Thinking inside the box. [votes: 7]  Jane Farmer
Honorable Mentions
  • No batteries required [votes: 6]
  • Special Delivery! [votes: 6]
  • Are you kids using my ebay account again??? [votes: 5]
  • Will work for peanuts. [votes: 4]
  • Jack hated these cut rate vacation packages. [votes: 4]
  • I know there's a toy in here for me! [votes: 4]
  • They must have sent the dog something...It's gotta be here somewhere! [votes: 4]
  • After carefully shrink wrapping the cat, Jack prepares to send it on it's way! [votes: 4]
  • A little more static electricity and I should be able to decorate the entire house with white stuff! [votes: 4]
  • When online shopping goes too far. [votes: 3]
  • Jack failed the hide portion of his training. [votes: 3]
  • What the hey???...I know I put the cat in here somewhere.....last year. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 556 [December 15, 2013 - 22 entries]

Contest #556 1st place Air Jack! [votes: 13]  Sara
2nd place Three Jacks having a ball! [votes: 11]  Jill
3rd place The ref ran out of red cards at the Jack soccer match. [votes: 8]  Herman
Honorable Mentions
  • Not impressed with leaping about, Short Stuff patiently waits for gravity to do it's job! [votes: 7]
  • Jack made varisty at obedience school. [votes: 6]
  • The ref should just give him the red card now because there is no possible way this can end well [votes: 5]
  • Cirque so JACK! [votes: 4]
  • Jack was a bit distracted by the opposing team being nude. [votes: 3]
  • The ref just couldn't contain his excitement while the ball was in play. [votes: 3]
  • After being cut from the basketball team, Shorty thought he'd give soccer a try! NOT! [votes: 2]
  • FOUL! No jumping on the ump! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 555 [December 8, 2013 - 70 entries]

Contest #555 1st place Does this LOOK like I'm jesting? [votes: 13]  Terry P.
2nd place Psycho Elf [votes: 11]  Mike B
3rd place ELF! Elf this!! [votes: 8]  Antoinette
Honorable Mentions
  • Don't even think about the pointy shoes. [votes: 8]
  • Despite his best 'elforts,' Jack found himself on Santa's naughty list. [votes: 7]
  • Be scared Santa, be very, VERY scared! [votes: 6]
  • Santa's little shredder! [votes: 6]
  • We've talked about dressing me up before, haven't we. [votes: 5]
  • This is my Elf on the Shelf look. [votes: 5]
  • Stick a bow on me, I'm done! [votes: 4]
  • You'll shoot your eye out, kid! [votes: 3]
  • Forget the Holly, Jolly Christmas this year! [votes: 3]
  • I told you i dont want to be an elf!! [votes: 2]
  • Jack the Christmas Grinch [votes: 2]
  • Do you really think I am the face of Christmas? [votes: 1]
  • Bring back the antlers from last year! This is totally humiliating and I will NOT be cute for your stupid Christmas card. [votes: 1]
  • Don't worry, Mr. Cat, just a Christmas elf. Yep. [votes: 1]
  • Rudolph? He tasted juicy, Santa on the other side was pretty tough to chew. [votes: 1]
  • I'll show you my santa smile... [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 554 [December 1, 2013 - 62 entries]

Contest #554 1st place You washed off all the good stuff! [votes: 13]  Zack
2nd place It's about to 'Dawn" on someone how bad this idea is! [votes: 8]  Bakerman
3rd place Gotta wash that skunk right outta my hair! [votes: 7]  Mom2sofie
Honorable Mentions
  • Wanna See Me Make Bubbles? [votes: 7]
  • Tony's Orlando And Dawn [votes: 7]
  • Soap.... it's not just for dishes anymore! [votes: 6]
  • Can we talk about this? [votes: 5]
  • Jack is rethinking chasing the skunk! [votes: 5]
  • OK! Bring in the oil-covered seagulls. I'm ready!! [votes: 5]
  • It was just a little turkey grease. Breaking out the Dawn is going overboard! [votes: 5]
  • Oh, you don't need detergent. I can lick the dishes clean! [votes: 5]
  • Where's MY shampoo? [votes: 3]
  • Oh no, say it isn't so... [votes: 3]
  • What's score so far? Oh yes 4-1 to me. [votes: 2]
  • REALLY? [votes: 1]
  • Whether Jack would bathe or eat the oil-covered birds remained to be seen!! [votes: 1]
  • And there is still some soap left to do the dishes. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 553 [November 24, 2013 - 44 entries]

Contest #553 1st place Crabs!!!! [votes: 14]  Becky
2nd place Jumpin' Jack Flash [votes: 13]  mom2sofie
3rd place Life's a beach and then you fly... [votes: 7]  Barbs Crowe
Honorable Mentions
  • Zero gravity, Priceless! [votes: 7]
  • I believe I can fly. [votes: 7]
  • HOT! HOT! HOT! [votes: 6]
  • Jacks don't need no stinkin' parasail. [votes: 6]
  • Landing gear NOT down. [votes: 6]
  • FULL RIGHT RUDDER!!!! [votes: 5]
  • Jack flew to Florida for his vacation. [votes: 5]
  • Sand Man [votes: 2]
  • Boo Ya! [votes: 2]
  • Spring Break....here I come! [votes: 2]
  • All together now! Come fly with me, come fly let's fly away. [votes: 2]
  • Yipee - Christmas holidays [votes: 1]
  • Big Air [votes: 0]
  • Coming in for a carrier landing. [votes: 0]

Results from Contest # 552 [November 17, 2013 - 62 entries]

Contest #552 1st place Jack Pack [votes: 16]  pinkie's mom
2nd place The soon to be Dirty Dozen. [votes: 13]  philsmom
3rd place Buffet opens in ten minutes guys. [votes: 10]  Charlie
Honorable Mentions
  • Pick Me!.....Pick Me!..... [votes: 7]
  • If you make eye contact, you will end up adopting ALL of them! [votes: 7]
  • Butch, Sundance and the Hole in the Fence Gang [votes: 7]
  • Open open open open open ... [votes: 6]
  • Push, we all have to push. We can do this! [votes: 5]
  • The jailbreak plans were too obvious to be successful. [votes: 5]
  • Whatever you do...DON'T OPEN THE GATE!!! [votes: 4]
  • Every time I count there's one more! [votes: 4]
  • Don't feed us after midnight [votes: 4]
  • Touch or tackle?...TACKLE [votes: 3]
  • Whether it's donuts or puppies ~ just get a DOZEN!! [votes: 3]
  • Didn't meet the required "you must be this tall to go to ground." [votes: 2]
  • Jail Break! [votes: 2]
  • If that's outside world we're staying in here. [votes: 1]
  • Trouble times 10! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 551 [November 10, 2013 - 60 entries]

Note: Sorry about repeating this caption photo
Contest #551 1st place Hare today.....Gone tomorrow! [votes: 16]  Rita
2nd place A hare raising experience [votes: 11]  Mike B
3rd place Get Good Reception With Those? [votes: 10]  Bakerman
Honorable Mentions
  • Bunny, it's what's for dinner. [votes: 9]
  • The moment before chaos ensued. [votes: 8]
  • I don't think those rabbit's feet are gonna be lucky for you... [votes: 6]
  • Is it Easter already???? [votes: 6]
  • A little hare of the dog? [votes: 5]
  • Gee, I think I seen this picture before of the rabbit. [votes: 4]
  • This is one odd looking dog you brought home mom. [votes: 4]
  • Oh my....what big ears you have! [votes: 3]
  • This is just too easy! [votes: 2]
  • A new friend? Or maybe dinner. [votes: 2]
  • Jack was determined to win the staring contest... [votes: 1]
  • How do you Taste in rabbit stew? [votes: 0]

Results from Contest # 550 [November 3, 2013 - 72 entries]

Contest #550 1st place Bacon! I smell Bacon! [votes: 22]  Peanut's Pop
2nd place Brother from another mother [votes: 10]  mom2sofie
3rd place A suckling pig. A pile of wood. Chances for a barbecue were lookin' mighty good! [votes: 9]  Terry P.
Honorable Mentions
  • I want my baby back, baby back, baby back... [votes: 7]
  • That'll do, Pig. [votes: 6]
  • I have NO idea how to react on this!!! [votes: 5]
  • 51% PINK??? [votes: 5]
  • Ahhh pork..... the OTHER white meat... [votes: 5]
  • Mmmm...Future bacon... [votes: 4]
  • Bottle-fed bacon ... my favorite kind! [votes: 4]
  • Hey Lady, your baby is a real pig! [votes: 3]
  • That's mine!! [votes: 2]
  • Jack Sprat could eat no fat. Too bad!! [votes: 1]
  • Reminder to self: Look up whole roasted suckling pig recipes! [votes: 1]
  • Exactly when does this creature grow into bacon? [votes: 1]
  • where are the cookies? [votes: 0]

Results from Contest # 549 [October 27, 2013 - 53 entries]

Contest #549 1st place "Sole" food! [votes: 12]  Terry P
2nd place Just checking if your new boyfriend is a dog lover... [votes: 11]  Barbs Crowe
3rd place I'm gellin. [votes: 10]  judy
Honorable Mentions
  • I miss my Daddy...I love my Daddy!!! [votes: 9]
  • An odor eater [votes: 8]
  • I just love the smell of Daddy in the morning! [votes: 8]
  • Dad's shoe is a great place to hide the rat. [votes: 8]
  • Ambrosia! [votes: 6]
  • Hmmmm, about six feet tall, blue eyes... [votes: 6]
  • You've been playing with the neighbor's cat again, haven't you? I can smell it! [votes: 5]
  • Retired Homeland Security Captain Jack just cannot give up looking for explosives [votes: 5]
  • Jack could not bear to spend one more day with the cat! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 548 [October 20, 2013 - 51 entries]

Contest #548 1st place I don't waaaaana go to obedience school. [votes: 13]  Lilly's Mom
2nd place A nice walk with my human today outsi.....SQUIRREL! [votes: 12]  CHRIS
3rd place AFLAC! [votes: 9]  Sandi Ferber
Honorable Mentions
  • Please unleash me, let me go... [votes: 9]
  • MOOOOOOOMMMMMMM! I don't want to go that way!!! [votes: 7]
  • OH, what a beautiful morning! OH, what a beautiful day ... [votes: 7]
  • Hear ye! Hear ye! [votes: 5]
  • ROAR!!!! [votes: 5]
  • Stop that ice cream truck! [votes: 4]
  • Please hurry up! You're boring! [votes: 4]
  • Let me go. I want a cat. [votes: 3]
  • House Arrest! [votes: 3]
  • What do you mean I can't go roll in the mud! I don't care if I've just had my bath. [votes: 2]
  • You better keep your distance or I'll tear you limb from limb!! [votes: 2]
  • I simply cannot bear the thought of living with a cat! [votes: 1]
  • Squirrel! Get in my belly! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 547 [October 13, 2013 - 52 entries]

Contest #547 1st place Creature from the Jack Lagoon. [votes: 32]  moira
2nd place I really thought I buried the cat around here. [votes: 9]  Cathy
3rd place Nothing to see here folks..Just another day at the office. [votes: 8]  a. garcia
Honorable Mentions
  • Well, that's settled ... there is mud on the bottom of the pond! [votes: 8]
  • So much for keeping my nose clean! [votes: 6]
  • Wonder why it didn't happen to the duck when he went under head first. [votes: 6]
  • Mud, mud...glorious mud!! [votes: 6]
  • Now this is my idea of a perfect vacation spot. [votes: 4]
  • Mud i love mud. [votes: 2]
  • A nice mud pack facial is just what I needed. [votes: 2]
  • Spa Day Rules!! [votes: 2]
  • Mud Bath 101! [votes: 1]
  • Don't you wish your boyfriend looked a lot like me! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 546 [October 6, 2013 - 53 entries]

Contest #546 1st place No matter what, blame the cat. [votes: 15]  Jill
2nd place Little Jack Splat! [votes: 14]  Antoinette
3rd place Shake it off son, just shake it off. [votes: 13]  sam's dad
Honorable Mentions
  • Go whine at the door, then roll around on the rug son. [votes: 9]
  • You have been slimed! [votes: 8]
  • You were playing in a puddle again weren't you????!!!! [votes: 6]
  • Son, checking off adventures on your bucket list does not involve actually climbing into the bucket! [votes: 6]
  • Let's get the Dawn, afterall, it worked on the ducks! [votes: 5]
  • Been there, done that, son. [votes: 5]
  • What did you roll in? [votes: 3]
  • Stuff happens kid. Just deal with it! [votes: 3]
  • Ah to be young, wet, wild and wonderful! [votes: 3]
  • I don't think that they are going to buy the story that the cat made you do it! [votes: 3]
  • You're not just wet behind the ears... you're like... really WET! [votes: 1]
  • I told you it's go to GROUND.... [votes: 1]
  • Pick up the pace! You'll dry off quicker! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 545 [September 29, 2013 - 49 entries]

Contest #545 1st place Like he isn't dangerous enough by himself. [votes: 12]  Charlie
2nd place WOW! Can we play fetch with all these red sticks?? [votes: 11]  Susan
3rd place Kiss all the neighborhood cats goodbye. [votes: 9]  Charlie
Honorable Mentions
  • Maybe I should put that stick back... [votes: 7]
  • Homeland security Jack! [votes: 7]
  • This is not going to end well... [votes: 7]
  • Jack Bauer [votes: 6]
  • Cut the blue wire or the red wire? [votes: 5]
  • Go ahead! Make my day!! [votes: 5]
  • Got matches? [votes: 4]
  • Why dig when you can blast 'em out ? [votes: 3]
  • Never was a truer word spoken. [votes: 3]
  • Read My Teeth... Don't come near this box car! [votes: 3]
  • I know I have a short fuse, but this is ridiculous! [votes: 2]
  • Found it!!! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 544 [September 22, 2013 - 62 entries]

Contest #544 1st place Under Dog [votes: 13]  Connie Burwell
2nd place Is it safe to come out now? You killed the spider, right? [votes: 12]  philsmom
3rd place Is the thunderstorm over yet? [votes: 11]  moira
Honorable Mentions
  • Indoor go-to-ground. [votes: 10]
  • Did they leave for the vet's yet? [votes: 10]
  • Have they forgotten the carpet, cat and garden incidents yet? [votes: 8]
  • A little help here... [votes: 6]
  • About your former cat... [votes: 5]
  • Next time she role plays, Jill will not pick the Wicked Witch of the West. [votes: 4]
  • Until the "Roomba" was repaired, Jack's life would be a nightmare! [votes: 4]
  • How'd that mouse do it? [votes: 4]
  • Are the relatives gone yet? I'm tired of showing off my tricks. [votes: 4]
  • In the next scene Steve MacQueen tries to escape on a motor cycle. [votes: 3]
  • Shhh! The dust bunnies are sleeping! [votes: 3]
  • No monster under there! [votes: 2]
  • I've fallen and I can't get up! [votes: 1]
  • Heaven help us all... the horses went thataway! [votes: 1]
  • Yes, I am flexible. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 543 [September 15, 2013 - 52 entries]

Contest #543 1st place Mommmm, he's in my spot!! [votes: 24]  Susan
2nd place Mom! Tell him I was here first! [votes: 22]  Mary
3rd place Say Uncle. [votes: 13]  George
Honorable Mentions
  • Who's your daddy NOW!?! [votes: 8]
  • Please -- don't pull his paw! [votes: 8]
  • See? No cat caught in my teeth! HE DID IT! [votes: 5]
  • Jack's assertiveness training course was a little too successful. [votes: 5]
  • Why is this couch so lumpy? [votes: 2]
  • Yeowza!! This squeaky toy has teeth! [votes: 2]
  • And what if I don't want to share?! [votes: 2]
  • Jill would have to rethink this "going steady" thing. [votes: 2]
  • Yes Dear! [votes: 1]
  • can you hear me now !!! [votes: 1]
  • This is going to end in tears...and a quick trip to the Vet! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 542 [September 8, 2013 - 70 entries]

Contest #542 1st place I'm Bounty, the quicker ripper upper. [votes: 24]  Sandog
2nd place Jack the Ripper [votes: 19]  Mike B
3rd place The jobs not over until the paperwork is done. [votes: 11]  Tracy Hickman
Honorable Mentions
  • Mom, we're out of toilet paper! [votes: 9]
  • Anybody time that? I think it was a new record. [votes: 7]
  • Nope...didn't see your homework!! [votes: 5]
  • I can't believe they threw this perfectly good burrito out! [votes: 4]
  • The cardboard is recyclable, isn't it? [votes: 4]
  • I was framed!!!! [votes: 4]
  • Look at the gift I unwrapped. [votes: 4]
  • It would have been easier if you just gave me your leftovers. [votes: 3]
  • I got a little emotional while you were gone. [votes: 3]
  • Hang on!! I'm bringin' you the toilet paper!! [votes: 2]
  • Jack's paper trail led back to him! [votes: 2]
  • Sorting the mail ~ Jack style! [votes: 2]
  • Jack was in charge of the recycling program. [votes: 2]
  • Not much of a challenge [votes: 1]
  • Jill wrapped things up nicely. [votes: 1]
  • I found the middle Mom!!! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 541 [September 1, 2013 - 79 entries]

Contest #541 1st place Got any more of those black jelly beans? [votes: 23]  earyriderstable
2nd place Jack Rabbit. [votes: 17]  Betsy Dearing and Mary
3rd place Jack longed to brush his hare. [votes: 7]  Charlie
Honorable Mentions
  • A little hare of the dog!? [votes: 5]
  • Hmmm- I think I'll need a bigger pot! [votes: 5]
  • I did! I did! I did see a rabbit! [votes: 5]
  • Let's play a game. You hide and I seek! [votes: 5]
  • This staring contest could only end badly... [votes: 5]
  • Who said you were quarry? I never said you were guarry. Honest. [votes: 5]
  • Jack just got rid of the cat and now this! [votes: 4]
  • Please...I promise no teeth this time! [votes: 4]
  • Lets get one thing straight I'm the cute one and you're the tasty one. [votes: 4]
  • I told you we were having rabbit stew for dinner. [votes: 4]
  • You can't stay up here forever... [votes: 3]
  • "There is no question who is faster" they each thought to themselves. [votes: 3]
  • Too easy...I'm supposed to follow you down an hole. [votes: 3]
  • Some bunny loves you. [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 540 [August 25, 2013 - 70 entries]

Contest #540 1st place Good boy he says. Fetch the stick he says. Then he throws it into a bush. [votes: 15]  Derek and JR Molly
2nd place Now where did I leave the cat? [votes: 10]  mom2sofie
3rd place Can you see me now? [votes: 9]  jbrkd
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack and the beanstalk...early stages. [votes: 8]
  • The JRT Winery was known for its unique bouquet. [votes: 7]
  • Tennis ball in bush, tennis ball in bush! Must get the tennis ball out of the stupid bush! [votes: 7]
  • I'm pretty sure if I can't see you, then YOU can't see ME! [votes: 7]
  • It's true! The grass is greener on the other side! [votes: 7]
  • Jack's lemonade stand [votes: 6]
  • I'm invisible. [votes: 6]
  • Jack didn't do a very good job of hiding from the vet. [votes: 5]
  • I smell a squirrel. [votes: 4]
  • Bush Jacked [votes: 4]
  • Hidden in plain sight... [votes: 3]
  • Jack camouflage. [votes: 1]
  • Jack had not quite gotten a handle on Hide-N-Seek [votes: 1]
  • Weed Eater! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 539 [August 18, 2013 - 63 entries]

Contest #539 1st place Neighborhood Watch--JRT Style [votes: 21]  El-Jay
2nd place Uh oh, they're back sooner than I expected. [votes: 14]  Martha
3rd place With Jack continually on duty, the Russells hadn't received a delivery of any kind for 6 1/2 years. [votes: 13]  Charlie
Honorable Mentions
  • It's still raining - I'm not going out. [votes: 9]
  • Home Alone [votes: 9]
  • Quick! here they come, now everyone shhhhhh! [votes: 8]
  • Peeping Jack [votes: 7]
  • Look at these crazy neighbors. [votes: 6]
  • Slats' entertainment! [votes: 5]
  • Love is blind! [votes: 5]
  • uh oh! They're coming up the walk now..And they have the CAT with them! [votes: 4]
  • Can you see me now? [votes: 3]
  • I saw what you did last summer. [votes: 2]
  • Next time, get vertical blinds! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 538 [August 11, 2013 - 62 entries]

Contest #538 1st place Did you really think I would not do this? [votes: 20]  Lilly Mae
2nd place Gotta go.....road trip in the new car! [votes: 10]  Charlie
3rd place Jill took her facial and manicure seriously. [votes: 9]  Henry
Honorable Mentions
  • I need more mud... [votes: 8]
  • Best vacation spot ever! [votes: 7]
  • You dirty dog! [votes: 7]
  • Jack landscaping [votes: 6]
  • Now then, what is it worth to you for me not to roll around in this? [votes: 6]
  • There! Now that's a proper tree ring! [votes: 6]
  • Didn't we see this on 'I Love Lucy'??? [votes: 6]
  • Why God created Mud! [votes: 4]
  • Adding some pee to the new tree. [votes: 3]
  • Tree, mud, pee - what's not to like? [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 537 [August 4, 2013 - 55 entries]

Contest #537 1st place Recharging time 5 minutes, play time 23 hours and 55 minutes. [votes: 20]  Charlie
2nd place The eyes are closed, but the toy is still well guarded. [votes: 17]  Charlie
3rd place Slumber Jack! [votes: 16]  Emmy's Mom
Honorable Mentions
  • Snuggle Buddy [votes: 8]
  • Don't you DARE call it a cat-nap! [votes: 7]
  • Say hello to my little friend! [votes: 4]
  • It's tough being a Jack, but someone has to do it!! [votes: 4]
  • Phew! Parenting is exhausting! [votes: 3]
  • Jack settled in for a long winter's nap while visions of mooselets danced in hi head! [votes: 3]
  • Falling asleep holding the one you love. [votes: 3]
  • Look, do I mock your friends? [votes: 3]
  • Naps are better with my stuffed toy! [votes: 2]
  • Just whistle when it is time for dinner. [votes: 2]
  • Coyote ugly. [votes: 2]
  • So Sweet and quiet!!! Just wait - I'll wake up soon!! [votes: 1]
  • In Jack's dreams...squirrels were served on a platter. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 536 [July 28, 2013 - 45 entries]

Contest #536 1st place Rabbit hunt! She said there was a dust bunny under there. [votes: 14]  Vickie
2nd place Come on out kitty. We just want to play. [votes: 11]  Stephanie Dahne
3rd place Wait for it...wait for it!! [votes: 10]  mp
Honorable Mentions
  • Here Kitty Kitty Kitty... [votes: 9]
  • I'm telling you, I saw the cat go under there! [votes: 9]
  • Roomba, I see you Roomba. [votes: 9]
  • Another tennis ball seeks asylum white it still has some fuzz and bounce. [votes: 9]
  • I'll flush it out, you catch it. [votes: 8]
  • Pest Control----JRT style. [votes: 8]
  • Patience my young Padawan, patience. [votes: 5]
  • Ooooh, she hasn't vaccuumed under there for WEEKS!!!! [votes: 5]
  • I told you we shouldn't play ball in the bedroom, but you said, "what could happen?" [votes: 5]
  • You just had to fling the sqeaky didn't you! [votes: 4]

Favorite Captions for Contest # 535

Results from Contest # 535 [July 21, 2013 - 59 entries]

Contest #535 1st place Armchair quarter jack [votes: 20]  Sniggy
2nd place A brother from another Mother. [votes: 13]  Captain Jack's Mom
3rd place Jack didn't care which team won, as long as he could watch that ball. [votes: 12]  Charlie
Honorable Mentions
  • BarkA-Lounger [votes: 8]
  • Like father; like son. [votes: 8]
  • The best seat in the house. [votes: 8]
  • Nothing like watching a little Animal Planet with Dad on a Sunday afternoon! [votes: 7]
  • men... they are all the same when it comes to the tv. [votes: 7]
  • He better not cry at the mushy parts! [votes: 6]
  • This Victoria Secret special is much better than the puppy bowl! [votes: 5]
  • The boys. [votes: 4]
  • During the commercial, they'll "Russell up" some biscuits and beers. [votes: 3]
  • OMG! I love this part! [votes: 3]
  • To Jack, the National Dog Show is a 'beauty pageant'. [votes: 2]
  • Nope, that's not the channel...keep going! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 534 [July 14, 2013 - 70 entries]

Contest #534 1st place YOU TOLD ME THE NEW HOUSE WOULD HAVE A POOL!!!! [votes: 16]  Jill
2nd place No I haven't. What a thing to suggest. [votes: 14]  Derek and JR Molly
3rd place Jack longed to be adopted by a wealthy family with a bigger pan. [votes: 11]  Charlie
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack's hot tub [votes: 8]
  • Waterdogged! [votes: 6]
  • Didn't they realize I would get larger - really! [votes: 6]
  • Could somebody bring me a towel please?! [votes: 6]
  • Oh, oh, somebody peed in the pool! [votes: 6]
  • This worked last summer, but me thinks I have outgrown it! [votes: 3]
  • Care to join me? [votes: 3]
  • Look mom, my spots wash off. [votes: 3]
  • Can someone wash my back? [votes: 2]
  • Jack planned on hitting the sofa next for a nice soggy nap. [votes: 2]
  • Lock up your son, lock up your daughter, don't let 'em drink JR yellow water! [votes: 2]
  • A working dog's spa - just add flatulence... [votes: 2]
  • No, the water does not look yellow, that's the mud coming off my feet!! [votes: 2]
  • Here's your catbox, kitty, kitty! [votes: 1]
  • Summer was not panning out for Jack. [votes: 1]
  • Jack recovers from his first dog show. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 533 [July 7, 2013 - 38 entries]

Contest #533 1st place I told the big dummy that there was a catfish out in the lake. [votes: 17]  Phil T.
2nd place We don't walk on water.. we RUN on water! [votes: 15]  Ken
3rd place I yelled "SHARK" but he just wouldn't listen! [votes: 14]  moira
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack loves the water; Jill prefers the beach. [votes: 13]
  • SOMEbody thinks they can walk on water.... I'll believe it when I see it. [votes: 9]
  • You put your left foot in - you put your left foot out... [votes: 6]
  • Here! Right here! That's where the treasure is!!! [votes: 5]
  • Wait! Be sure to get my good side!!! [votes: 4]
  • Walk this way... [votes: 4]
  • Do I really have to wait an hour after I ate those seagulls to go swimming? [votes: 4]
  • The last thing the seagull saw. [votes: 2]
  • I prefer toys over swimming. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 532 [June 30, 2013 - 48 entries]

Contest #532 1st place Jack hopes to kill two birds with one pounce. [votes: 16]  kvines
2nd place See Jack stalk Seagulls strutting by the seashore. [votes: 13]  Julie
3rd place Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! [votes: 12]  Lilo's Mom
Honorable Mentions
  • Wait .........for it. [votes: 10]
  • In the absence of squirrels... [votes: 9]
  • Pay no attention to the spotted assassin on the other side of the tidal pool; he comes in peace! [votes: 7]
  • "Gull on the rocks, or straight up." Jack wasn't picky! [votes: 6]
  • One for breakfast, and one for lunch! [votes: 5]
  • Roast seagull! No, no...grilled seagull! No, wait....Seagull a l'Orange! [votes: 5]
  • I been looking for "gulls" in all the wrong places. [votes: 5]
  • Looks gullicious. [votes: 4]
  • Jack loved dining al fresco! [votes: 2]
  • Ready steady go. [votes: 2]
  • Jack says 'best beach vacation everrrr!' [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 531 [June 23, 2013 - 73 entries]

Contest #531 1st place Dog & Pony Show. [votes: 15]  Peanut's Pop
2nd place I think the quarter ran out on mine! [votes: 10]  Toby's mom
3rd place It's not very often that you see a Jack Russell sitting on his ass. [votes: 9]  gad
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack just LOVED the new mobile squirrel spotting tower! [votes: 8]
  • High ho silver. [votes: 5]
  • Whats that smell? [votes: 5]
  • I'm Back in the Saddle, again... [votes: 4]
  • How do you start this thing? [votes: 4]
  • Giddyap now! We're loosing the cat! [votes: 4]
  • Designated driver. [votes: 3]
  • The New Lone Ranger! [votes: 3]
  • How do I turn this thing around? [votes: 3]
  • What do you mean "hunting dogs don't get their own horse?" [votes: 2]
  • They went east. [votes: 2]
  • I can't hold the reins, I got no thumbs! [votes: 2]
  • We are burning Daylight. [votes: 2]
  • Ya need to adjust these stirrups. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 530 [June 16, 2013 - 64 entries]

Contest #530 1st place Each tent comes with it's own Lo-Jack Security System. [votes: 20]  Ken
2nd place Pup tent! [votes: 18]  Herman
3rd place Breakfast done yet ?? [votes: 9]  Caos
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack-the-Zipper [votes: 9]
  • Did someone say Squirrel? [votes: 7]
  • Shhh,..be vewy,vewy quiet, I'm wabbit hunting ! [votes: 7]
  • I'll guard the tent. You go hunt for food. [votes: 6]
  • Swiss Army Jack. [votes: 5]
  • I do not share well with others... STAY OUT! [votes: 5]
  • That's ok, I'll just hold it until we get back to civilization. [votes: 4]
  • So much for velcro! [votes: 3]
  • Rare photo of Jill on Everest. Leopard rug and hot tub cover were not enough to lure her out of the tent! [votes: 3]
  • Where's summer? [votes: 3]
  • Jack hated camping in the rain.... [votes: 2]
  • Let's pull up stakes and go get steaks! [votes: 2]
  • Let me know when the pizza arrives! [votes: 2]
  • There's nothing like camping out...indoors! [votes: 2]
  • Is there a "Hotel" close ?? [votes: 1]
  • I'll hold the Fort down while you make dinner. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 529 [June 9, 2013 - 66 entries]

Contest #529 1st place Okay. I'm not looking. Trim 'em!! [votes: 23]  Terry P.
2nd place Tummy rub. Tummy rub. Tummy rub, Pleeeeeeeease. [votes: 12]  Derek and JR Molly
3rd place When the cat did it, he landed on his feet !!?!! [votes: 10]  Macho's Mommy
Honorable Mentions
  • Then after I caught the squirrel and bit him a few times he looked like this... [votes: 8]
  • ...and then the possum fell over like this... and then... [votes: 7]
  • I've fallen, and I can't get up! [votes: 6]
  • Hmmm.. I look good from any angle! [votes: 5]
  • BUSTED! I just hate it when they come home early from work! [votes: 4]
  • Do I make fun of the way YOU sleep ?!?! [votes: 4]
  • I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! [votes: 4]
  • What does it look I'm doing.......I'm planking. [votes: 4]
  • I'm too sexy for my coat......too sexy for my coat. [votes: 4]
  • Jack doing his situps to a Jane Fonda video. [votes: 3]
  • Jack on back! [votes: 2]
  • Pick me up. I need to go to my water bowl. [votes: 1]
  • I'm all paws! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 528 [Jun 2, 2013 - 54 entries]

Contest #528 1st place You do realize that this clean thing is just temporary. [votes: 17]  Jake Butler
2nd place Honestly, we have absolutely NO idea where the cat is! Have you checked the drain? [votes: 12]  Jill
3rd place Double the trouble, double the fun. [votes: 11]  Peg C
Honorable Mentions
  • We're just keeping your robe warm for you - honest! [votes: 9]
  • You forgot our candles. [votes: 7]
  • Hey! What happened to my spots? [votes: 7]
  • Now that we're clean, can we go out and play in the mud again? [votes: 6]
  • Ah! now we can't pose for the dirty dog gallery! [votes: 5]
  • And while in the water, we practiced the buddy system. [votes: 4]
  • see..it was us under that mud.... [votes: 4]
  • terrycloth terriers. [votes: 4]
  • We like to play in the water; not bathe in it. [votes: 4]
  • Hey where's the heated towel? [votes: 3]
  • We're NOT watching you take a shower! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 527 [May 26, 2013, 2012 - 83 entries]

Contest #527 1st place Jackpot!! [votes: 37]  Terry P.
2nd place Flower pot, check... hole digger, check... [votes: 18]  Sassy's mom
3rd place Terrier cotta. [votes: 17]  Buddy
Honorable Mentions
  • Clean up on aisle nine. And ten. And twelve. And---SECURITY! Where is security?!? [votes: 6]
  • Can I water the plants? [votes: 5]
  • The cat will fit in here just fine. [votes: 5]
  • You're expecting me to produce the fertilizer? [votes: 3]
  • Invasive species. [votes: 3]
  • You pot the plant:I dig it up! [votes: 3]
  • How can you resist taking this one home? [votes: 2]
  • I can use this on rainy days, right? [votes: 2]
  • Jack was looking forward to the "dirt" part! [votes: 2]
  • Dog days of home depot... [votes: 2]
  • Take me to the Kibbles aisle, please! [votes: 1]
  • They had to get a new planter since Jack seemed to be growing like a weed. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 526 [May 19, 2013 - 50 entries]

Contest #526 1st place Jack be nimble, Jack be quick; Jack jumped over the trailer hitch! [votes: 21]  Jill
2nd place Jumpin' jack flash [votes: 11]  nancyj
3rd place A trailer...yipee, we've got a trailer!!! [votes: 9]  Jayme's Mom
Honorable Mentions
  • Jumpin' Jack...CRASH! [votes: 9]
  • A leap of faith! [votes: 8]
  • Squirrel!!!! [votes: 8]
  • Here I come to save the day!! [votes: 8]
  • Houston, we have a problem [votes: 6]
  • Trailer Jack [votes: 5]
  • I just hate it when they forget to leave the tail gate down! [votes: 3]
  • After mastering walking on water, Jack took to the air! [votes: 3]
  • Birds flyin' high, you know how I feel... [votes: 2]
  • I think I can.....I think I can..... [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 525 [May 12, 2013 - 77 entries]

Contest #525 1st place Don't...say...a word. [votes: 11]  Marty
2nd place Here kitty!...I am just a harmless blanket... [votes: 10]  JaS
3rd place It's ok COUGH. Don't, COUGH, worry. COUGH. SNIFFLE. You go on out and enjoy COUGH yourselves. [votes: 9]  Derek and JR Molly
Honorable Mentions
  • The cat will never know its me. [votes: 8]
  • As much as I hate baths... there's something about warm towels afterwards... [votes: 7]
  • Grandma, what a big nose you have! [votes: 6]
  • Pretty in pink. [votes: 5]
  • Could I interest you in a nice juicy apple, dearie? [votes: 5]
  • You do know that I can still hear you... [votes: 4]
  • Pink!!! Why did they have to choose PINK??? [votes: 3]
  • ET go home. [votes: 3]
  • Please...just kill me now! [votes: 2]
  • Jill's answer to a bad hair day! [votes: 2]
  • How do I keep getting into this things....MOM ! [votes: 2]
  • What a long nose you have, Grandma! [votes: 2]
  • Mom's obsession with Game of Thrones has gone too far! [votes: 2]
  • It's my only bad habit. [votes: 1]
  • Did someone say gtg? [votes: 1]
  • Jack knew Jill could not resist him in his "bacon" outfit. [votes: 1]
  • The EYES have it! [votes: 1]
  • Hey, this pink camo works good! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 524 [May 5, 2013 - 67 entries]

Contest #524 1st place The new squeaky toy just bit my tongue. [votes: 17]  peanut's pop
2nd place Hey, Mr. Spock. I found another Tribble. [votes: 10]  Sandog
3rd place That's the biggest hairball I've ever seen . . . and it has eyes!!! [votes: 9]  Terry P.
Honorable Mentions
  • So what happened AFTER the picture was taken? [votes: 6]
  • You're about to see why this fur ball is named "Chewy". [votes: 6]
  • Guinea Pig... It's what's for dinner! [votes: 6]
  • Appetizer. [votes: 5]
  • One little piggy went to market, one little piggy stayed home, one little piggy tastes like roast beef . . . Yum, yum. [votes: 5]
  • Jack's toy looks a bit worse for wear, but its squeaker still works. [votes: 4]
  • Don't care what it is....looks edible to me! [votes: 3]
  • I swear, it's not what u think... [votes: 2]
  • Adorable groupie. [votes: 2]
  • And I thought my legs were short! [votes: 1]
  • Jack really enjoyed a good game of chase with dinner. [votes: 1]
  • I smell guinea bacon!!!!! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 523 [April 28, 2013 - 76 entries]

Contest #523 1st place Jack the sipper. [votes: 17]  Peg C
2nd place Turning the knob was the tricky part... [votes: 14]  Mary
3rd place Nose prints on the car window couldn't compare to what Jack was doing to the bathroom mirror! [votes: 13]  Terry P
Honorable Mentions
  • Now I understand the funny looking prints on the mirror! [votes: 11]
  • And to think other dogs drink out of the toilet, amateurs. [votes: 8]
  • They left the lid down again! [votes: 5]
  • The things I have to do to get a drink around here! [votes: 5]
  • Make mine a Jack & Water! [votes: 5]
  • Aaaahhhh....so much fresher than the toilet bowl!! [votes: 4]
  • Hey, it beats drinking out of the toilet! [votes: 4]
  • The human can do it.....and so can I. [votes: 4]
  • Refreshingly cool.... on BOTH ends! [votes: 3]
  • Got Water. [votes: 2]
  • Brush...rinse...repeat. [votes: 2]
  • Does this count as a bath? [votes: 1]
  • Giving "vanity" a whole new meaning [votes: 1]
  • Glass? who needs a glass? [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 522 [April 21, 2013 - 82 entries]

Contest #522 1st place See, look, no cat. [votes: 32]  peanut's pop
2nd place The last thing the squirrel saw. [votes: 13]  Lilly's Mom
3rd place This IS my inside voice. [votes: 12]  Joni
Honorable Mentions
  • Did I get all of the peanut butter off the roof of my mouth? [votes: 9]
  • Insert Cheese Here! [votes: 7]
  • Go ahead, see how many treats you can fit in here! [votes: 6]
  • Jack just loves it when Jill wants to play Ear, Nose and Throat doctor! [votes: 4]
  • Look, is my tongue getting longer? It feels like it's getting longer! [votes: 4]
  • Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. [votes: 4]
  • Riveting, do go on. And on. [votes: 4]
  • Jack's yodeling lessons were starting to get to everyone! [votes: 3]
  • Where your missing belongings went. [votes: 3]
  • And the case of the missing hamster continues... [votes: 3]
  • See! Even inside I am 50% white! [votes: 3]
  • Jack was warned about sticking his head out the window, yes his face did stay like that! [votes: 2]
  • Keep talking, I'm interested. [votes: 2]
  • Granddad Jack liked to brag how he scared off the postman in his days. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 521 [April 14, 2013 - 43 entries]

Contest #521 1st place And I will love him and squeeze him and call him George. [votes: 31]  Laura B
2nd place And I promise to never let her put you in the laundry, no matter how stinky you get. [votes: 13]  Jojo Fitzgerald
3rd place After a particularly brutal week, Jack was thrilled to finally get the monkey off his back! [votes: 9]  Jill
Honorable Mentions
  • George feared he would soon be resting in pieces. [votes: 9]
  • Jack dreamed of his next big adventure with Curious George! [votes: 7]
  • Friends forever. [votes: 5]
  • After a big meal, Jack hugged his monkey and took a nap. Both of them were STUFFED! [votes: 4]
  • Tired of Monkeying Around. [votes: 4]
  • George was unable to see his way to escape. [votes: 3]
  • Better than a "Blankie". [votes: 3]
  • Monkey see, Monkey do---did ya hear me MONKEY? [votes: 3]
  • Curious jack. [votes: 2]
  • Life's a barrel of monkeys. [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 520 [April 7, 2013 - 55 entries]

Contest #520 1st place Nobody knows the trouble I've seen... [votes: 14]  moira
2nd place I was framed!! The cat did it!! [votes: 13]  andres garcia
3rd place I'm innocent, I tell ya! Innocent! [votes: 9]  swtmdmboo
Honorable Mentions
  • Jail house Jack. [votes: 9]
  • The illegal squirrel fighting ring landed Jack in the slammer. [votes: 7]
  • Is this what Mom means when she said I was "barred fom the kitchen"? [votes: 7]
  • Warden, I want to talk to my attorney! [votes: 5]
  • Jack was doing 10-20 for illegal entry and meat pilfering. [votes: 4]
  • Low-Jack!! [votes: 4]
  • But I can still smell the bacon! [votes: 4]
  • His air ride suspension gone, Jack was left will only front paw drive. [votes: 3]
  • Baby gate hell! [votes: 2]
  • See Spot not run! [votes: 2]
  • The cat is so close yet so far away! [votes: 2]
  • I've been dieting all week and I STILL can't fit through this gate [votes: 2]
  • Jack's impression of a throw rug! [votes: 2]
  • I've fallen... and I can't get up! [votes: 2]
  • What time does this bar open? [votes: 1]
  • The grass always look greener on the other side. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 519 [Mar 31, 2013 - 77 entries]

Contest #519 1st place Quacker-jack [votes: 24]  Alfred B
2nd place Sometimes you feel like a duck, Sometimes you don't... [votes: 11]  LibbyD
3rd place The life of Pi-Jack, stranded with only a duck they drifted into the lagoon. [votes: 8]  Hermann
Honorable Mentions
  • Afjack [votes: 8]
  • Is it me or do i smell something fowl? [votes: 7]
  • A three hour tour... [votes: 5]
  • Let me out, this dude is not potty trained. [votes: 5]
  • I'd rather be chasing squirrels... [votes: 4]
  • Get the DUCK out of my float!!!!! [votes: 4]
  • Once again, the duck ran the cruise ship aground. [votes: 4]
  • Abandon ship....abandon ship! [votes: 3]
  • Jack and Rose. [votes: 3]
  • Who invited the Duck? [votes: 3]
  • One algae eater, one carnivore and one sinking raft. This does NOT bode well! [votes: 3]
  • Having lost the last paddle Jack was left with only the duck for power. [votes: 2]
  • Seriously? [votes: 1]
  • Jack thought this vacation destination was foul. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 518 [Mar 24, 2013 - 64 entries]

Contest #518 1st place Jackuzzi [votes: 35]  Hannah
2nd place There once was a Jack from Nantucket, who loved to sit in a bucket... [votes: 19]  Terry P.
3rd place Why can't we go to the beach like normal dogs? [votes: 8]  nancyj
Honorable Mentions
  • Spring break, Russell style. [votes: 6]
  • I thought you said the new house had a pool? [votes: 6]
  • I'll have a Jack and Water... Please. [votes: 6]
  • I don't know what a bucket list is.... But I'm not going to miss it! [votes: 6]
  • Bath, ball,....and Beyond! [votes: 4]
  • Jack's hint for a pool was not subtle. [votes: 4]
  • Wash the car, play with me... wash the car, play with me... [votes: 4]
  • I'm not taking a bath without my ball! [votes: 3]
  • Jack and Jill went up the hill to chill in a pail of water? [votes: 2]
  • Jack's summer place. [votes: 2]
  • Ball Washer! [votes: 2]
  • I meant to do this. [votes: 1]
  • I prefer a heated bucket [votes: 1]
  • 101 Ways to stay cool on a hot day [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 517 [Mar 17, 2013 - 104 entries]

Contest #517 1st place JR Rule #3: When caught in a compromising position, stay cool & look nauseatingly cute. [votes: 21]  Kimba's Mum
2nd place Chilly dog [votes: 20]  moira
3rd place Jack took his job on the Diet Patrol very seriously! [votes: 11]  Keyser Soze
Honorable Mentions
  • Yes, the light really does go out. [votes: 10]
  • I've completed the inventory ... we're all out of steak ... [burp] [votes: 10]
  • Honest! I'm just chillin. [votes: 9]
  • You gonna use that bacon? [votes: 9]
  • Can I help you? [votes: 8]
  • Don't forget to feed me. [votes: 5]
  • Go ahead "Make my sandwich" [votes: 5]
  • Yep, you guessed it, the air conditioner is broken again... [votes: 4]
  • Quick, tell me what you want. My butt's freezing! [votes: 3]
  • He said he would meet me here at 9. [votes: 3]
  • I can unload the groceries! [votes: 3]
  • Oops! Caught again. [votes: 3]
  • How come there are veggies in the meat drawer? [votes: 2]
  • Guarding the crisper! Nobody does it better! [votes: 2]
  • Norton's new place, while chilly, afforded delicious views. [votes: 2]
  • This..and all that...is MINE! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 516 [Mar 10, 2013 - 73 entries]

Contest #516 1st place Mere dogs run; Jack Russells FLY! [votes: 22]  Jill
2nd place This would look more impressive with my cape. [votes: 19]  Alfred B.
3rd place Fluffy's tail bore an unfortunate resemblence to a race lure... [votes: 14]  Libby D
Honorable Mentions
  • Never fear underdog is here. [votes: 13]
  • Jack flies through the air with the greatest of ease, as he adeptly pursues the neighborhood tease!! [votes: 10]
  • Jack be nimble, Jack be quick! [votes: 6]
  • Fluffy didn't even stand a chance. [votes: 6]
  • Here I come to save the day! [votes: 6]
  • Love is in the AIR! [votes: 5]
  • Sometimes, Jack felt guilty using his super powers to race to the food bowl. This isn't one of those times. [votes: 4]
  • Some dogs run...some fly like Superman. Choose your companion wisely. [votes: 2]
  • Move!! Or this is going to hurt!! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 515 [Mar 3, 2013 - 57 entries]

Contest #515 1st place Wait for it.......Wait for it... [votes: 25]  Brian
2nd place BE the ball... [votes: 16]  moira
3rd place Ready to pounce Jack waited for the ball to make it's next move. [votes: 10]  Hermann
Honorable Mentions
  • Go ahead.....make my day... [votes: 9]
  • Nobody move! It can't see us unless we move! [votes: 9]
  • If it moves, it's mine. [votes: 9]
  • A watched ball never rolls! [votes: 9]
  • Did you just see that move? [votes: 8]
  • The ONLY bad thing about tennis balls is that they NEVER blink! [votes: 7]
  • Jack honing his telekinesis powers. [votes: 6]
  • What's wrong? You lost your bounce? [votes: 5]
  • I can do this ALL day! [votes: 4]
  • Staring contest...GO! [votes: 3]

Results from Contest # 514 [Feb 24, 2013 - 67 entries]

Contest #514 1st place She's sunbathing -- without her collar on! [votes: 20]  Jim
2nd place Hey...the new neighbor has a cat! [votes: 18]  Rita
3rd place How long do you think we have until they come back? [votes: 17]  schooner island
Honorable Mentions
  • Mr. & Mrs. Russell anxiously await the UPS guy. [votes: 14]
  • "To Dock, or Not To Dock," that is the question. [votes: 10]
  • The Mormons had no idea what was in store...but they soon would! [votes: 9]
  • YUM! The mailman is here! [votes: 6]
  • out! out!! we want out! [votes: 5]
  • Wow! On a scale of 1 to 10, that squirrel is a perfect 10! [votes: 4]
  • Did you see the new Jill that moved in across the road? [votes: 3]
  • Surely they haven't forgotten where they parked the car AGAIN??? [votes: 2]
  • The swimsuit issue! [votes: 2]
  • Mommy.... can we PLEASE go outside and dig for some dinner!!!!!! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 513 [Feb 17, 2013 - 70 entries]

Contest #513 1st place Are you going to finish that? [votes: 24]  Cathy
2nd place Thank you Lord for the scraps I am about to retrive!!! [votes: 23]  Rufus S
3rd place Always the gentleman, Jack patiently waited for his small host to be distracted. [votes: 11]  Peg C
Honorable Mentions
  • Thanksgiving blessings to Mom and Dad and the kid who NEVER finishes his pie! [votes: 7]
  • Hey kid...your mama wants you! [votes: 6]
  • Kid, I'll swap you that cake for a large dead squirrel. deal? [votes: 6]
  • How long do I have to stare before they get my point?? [votes: 6]
  • You're right, it's yukky. Move it over and I'll take care of it. [votes: 4]
  • It wouldn't hurt to share with your best friend! [votes: 3]
  • Hey man did you have to dig for that?? [votes: 3]
  • Does the "five-second" rule apply between bites? [votes: 2]
  • Worst party ever thought Jack, as little Ebernezer shoveled in the pie. [votes: 2]
  • hey kid, that looks like broccoli....I'll finish it for you. [votes: 2]
  • Give us Lord our daily bread. [votes: 2]
  • Always stuck at the kids' table. [votes: 2]
  • Having said grace Jack was ready to pounce, that pie was blessed! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 512 [Feb 10, 2013 - 86 entries]

Contest #512 1st place Can you warm up the towels again? [votes: 27]  Don
2nd place But I'm TOO SICK for obedience school! [votes: 15]  moira
3rd place I'm way cuter than that Snuggle Bear! [votes: 14]  Nancy Holmes
Honorable Mentions
  • Good morn- WOAH!!! ....So that's what you look like naked. [votes: 10]
  • Jack went to the Dark Side. [votes: 7]
  • Clothes out of dryer, Yoda Jack likes. [votes: 7]
  • Hide me - Dr. Phil is on AGAIN!!! [votes: 5]
  • I'm ill I tell you---ill. [votes: 5]
  • Laundry is done. Don't worry, I got this. [votes: 4]
  • Luke caught the Emperor watching soaps again. [votes: 4]
  • Laundry's done! [votes: 4]
  • Jack fullfilling one of his bucket wish requests. [votes: 3]
  • Yuck, those dryer sheets taste awful! [votes: 3]
  • I sound better in the shower. [votes: 3]
  • You want drama? I can give you drama! [votes: 2]
  • Put the cat video on. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 511 [Feb 3, 2013 - 64 entries]

Contest #511 1st place "Try rocking it while I give it some gas!" [votes: 15]  Laura B
2nd place The weather outside is frightful but inside the car it's delightful [votes: 10]  Maddie
3rd place Hey! What happened? I only took a short nap!!! [votes: 9]  mp
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack finally got the drift of his situation. [votes: 8]
  • That's right ... shovel, shovel,shovel! I'll stay in here and supervise! [votes: 7]
  • Dashing through the..........no. [votes: 7]
  • Yep! At least 51% white alright! [votes: 6]
  • I can dig us out! [votes: 6]
  • Does this mean we're not going to the park? [votes: 6]
  • Jack Frost [votes: 6]
  • I dug out this side and got the heater going. The rest is yours. [votes: 5]
  • Finding Nemo was easier than Jack had anticipated. [votes: 4]
  • Jack wished he had packed up and left for Florida a little earlier. [votes: 4]
  • This is a fine mess you've gotten me into.... [votes: 3]
  • Not as funny as it was a week ago. [votes: 3]
  • Hurry up I've got to mark some snowdrifts! [votes: 3]
  • Jack always suspected there was a little Husky in him! [votes: 2]
  • I told them to buy the Jeep! [votes: 2]
  • And for my next trick. [votes: 1]
  • Partly cloudy, you got to be kidding me, Jack mused. [votes: 1]
  • It would be more fun if this was dirt! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 510 [Jan 27, 2013 - 46 entries]

Contest #510 1st place Don't worry about that cat......I got your back! [votes: 19]  Brian
2nd place Jack liked email, but this tweeting thing just didn't make sense. [votes: 18]  Hermann
2nd place There was an old cockatoo who lived in a shoe with his best friend jack who didn't know what to do. [votes: 18]  Tracy Hickman
Honorable Mentions
  • Deciding on which chew toy would be best. [votes: 10]
  • MOM...make him stop staring at me!! [votes: 9]
  • A bird, a dog and a shoe. What could POSSIBLY go wrong? [votes: 9]
  • Unless your new name is collateral damage, get off the shoe. [votes: 7]
  • Having successfully stolen one shoe, the owner gave Jack the bird. [votes: 6]
  • Jack and tweety converse. [votes: 5]
  • Please, just try it on. [votes: 1]
  • I told the Genie I wanted bigger tweets, not bigger feets! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 509 [Jan 20, 2013 - 71 entries]

Contest #509 1st place Jack Whisperer [votes: 28]  Butler
2nd place Mice in your stable? It'll be taken care of! [votes: 21]  Vickie
3rd place Straight from the horse's mouth. [votes: 16]  Antoinette
Honorable Mentions
  • Oh yes, cats eat horses. Happens all the time. Look, there's one. [votes: 10]
  • Listen, kid, I know where the cat sleeps... [votes: 9]
  • Funny, you didn't mention this on your profile! [votes: 8]
  • Don't worry. It's not a gift-horse. [votes: 7]
  • Jack kissed her for luck, and she promised to meet him in the Winner's Circle. [votes: 6]
  • Sorry honny, i really think we should see other animals. [votes: 5]
  • ok, you distract her, I'll grab the car keys. Then we're both outta here. [votes: 5]
  • I'm a lock in the 7th race. [votes: 4]
  • You're gonna need a height card buddy. [votes: 4]
  • Would you like a breath mint? Please I have a whole box of them. [votes: 3]
  • JRT wins by a nose. [votes: 3]
  • You are going to win this class, I just know it! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 508 [Jan 13, 2013 - 61 entries]

Contest #508 1st place Jack Cousteau. [votes: 27]  Mike B
2nd place Marco! [votes: 17]  Lori
3rd place Nope no cat at the bottom of the pool. [votes: 15]  Gail S.
Honorable Mentions
  • Fish gotta' swim; birds gotta' fly, Jack Russells try it all. [votes: 9]
  • I didn't think it was possible ... but I look even cuter underwater. [votes: 9]
  • Having dived from 200 feet, Jack realized he had lost his ears. [votes: 8]
  • Finding Nemo. [votes: 7]
  • and now...for my impression of a sea lion! [votes: 6]
  • Although rare, Jack remembers the master's advice to look before he leaps. [votes: 5]
  • SCREW THIS! Just admit you lost the cat!! [votes: 5]
  • I don't need no stinkin' snorkel!! [votes: 4]
  • Objects are larger than they appear under water... [votes: 3]
  • oops! i forgot my goggles. [votes: 3]
  • Dive! Dive! [votes: 3]

Results from Contest # 507 [Jan 6, 2013 - 83 entries]

Contest #507 1st place Reality T.V., Jack Russell style. [votes: 21]  vicki
2nd place It's amazing what you can do with a food processor and a cat. [votes: 18]  Peg C
3rd place This is how you get a JRT to stay in one place for any length of time. [votes: 17]  Lori
Honorable Mentions
  • Wait for it....wait for it. [votes: 13]
  • Jack loved the Food Channel. [votes: 8]
  • I'm calling dibbs on that piece..and that piece...and that piece... [votes: 6]
  • Jack treats and I helped. [votes: 6]
  • The liver brownies are ready! [votes: 6]
  • Four oven mitts please! [votes: 6]
  • All Mine. [votes: 4]
  • Smells better than the food channel. [votes: 3]
  • Sooooo, this is how they got the terrorists to talk. [votes: 3]
  • I don't care what the cat's doing to my toys, I ain't movin' until they're done. [votes: 3]
  • There's the beef. [votes: 2]
  • That IS mouse cake, right? [votes: 2]
  • Hurry up....I'm starving! [votes: 1]