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Happy Hunting Grounds Memorial page for Jack Russell Terriers that are no longer with us.

Happy Hunting Grounds Memorials

This page is dedicated to the Jack Russell Terriers that are no longer with us. If you would like to have us post a memorial about your lost friend, please send it to webmaster@theRealjackRussell.com.

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Posted February 10, 2002


Amos was a very special Jack Russell Terrier, and a gift from God. Amos passed away on November 25, 2001.

Amos was born on April 15, 1991, and according to "standards in breeding" should have been culled at birth. Born with radial paralysis in his right front leg, a benched left front leg, a curved spine, and a slipping knee cap in his rear right leg, Amos made his way about life with an interesting skip, drag, walk. Amos also had personality. In a BIG way. The breeder saw it, and despite what the vet said, he did not have Amos put down.

Amos was a beautiful dog, with a full white body, and a tan "mask" that covered his head and ears, much like a little Zorro. Despite his physical deformities, Amos knew no limitations. He was extremely agile, and ran just as fast as any Jack. He could hop up onto a dining room chair better than his sister, Riley, to clear a plate full of food so fast, you barely had time to blink.

There was no accident in having Amos in our lives. My husband and I were out for a drive in the country with our 2 year old female Jack Russell. Her name is Riley. We came upon the breeder we got Riley from, and stopped in to show what proud parents we had become.

We were greeted not by the breeder, but by Amos. At 4 months old, his character was complete. He barked, cajoled, protected, grinned, and ultimately deemed us worthy to be on the property. Riley was smitten. This said alot, because being a Jack, you all know that it's always black or white. Jack's either love other dogs, or they just simply don't.

My husband, myself and Riley fell in love with Amos instantly, but not before he fell in love with us first. That afternoon, what had started as a "stop-in" visit, turned into three hours of talk and Jack Russell stories. Amos wasn't for sale. Allen was too much in love with Amos, as were his two young daughters. We left late that afternoon, with a roll of pictures of Riley and Amos, my husband and I holding him, snuggling him, LOVING him. Amos had a firm "paw-hold" on our hearts.

Two months later, we received a call from the breeder. Allen knew that although he loved Amos with all his heart, that the little dog, with all of his deformities, would not last long living on a fast pace farm. He wouldn't get the care and attention he so richly deserved. The breeder asked us if we were still interested in the crippled little dog with a huge personality.

We picked up Amos two days later. He and Riley had a joyous reunion, and resumed what was to be the most beautiful, loving relationship between two dogs I have ever seen. We didn't know at that time, but they were brother and sister, only a litter apart.

Amos came into our lives and changed them forever.

We had a memoriam printed in the Toronto Sun, on November 27, 2001. It reads as follows"

Amos Clark April 15 1991 - November 25 2001

Our faithful friend, our loving companion.
Never has a heart and soul so huge dwelt in such a tiny body.
We were blessed when you chose us, and we have loved you without reservation.
Our time together has seemed so short.
Wait for us dear heart, will you please?
We'll be seeing you again, little man.

Loving you always Amos,

From All Who Loved YOU XXXOOO

How does one little dog change a life?

Well, Amos figured if Mummy or Daddy let you into HIS home, then you were fair game to be loved. And if you didn't succumb to his outlandishness, he'd just continue to work his magic until you DID love him. No one every left HIS home without loving him.

When Amos died, his soul still worked.

He worked his magic to make a man get in touch with his feelings and cry for the first time in 30yrs. That man was his "daddy", who is now my ex-husband. But Amos' passing allowed my ex to cry and talk about things he'd never talked to me about when we were together. My ex and I continue to work on a new "friendship"....

Amos' passing brought an estranged father and his daughter together to share about things they'd dared never speak of in almost 42yrs. Amos only lived for 10.5 years. He came into our lives so quickly, and left just as fast, like a shooting star, but one always remembered.

It took one little dogs birth, life and death to build so many bridges back to so many humans.

You see, my father was the breeder, and I am his daughter. And Amos still continues to work his magic.

This is my memorial, my testimonial to a little crippled dog who wasn't supposed to live, but DID....And I must tell you all, Amos lived the high life for 10.5 years, and was loved, coddled, cuddled, snuggled, kissed, and generally spoiled all-round rotten from the moment we ever laid eyes on him.

We are bereft without him. Please visit Amos' memorial site at www.rainbowsridge.com/residents/Amos001/resident.HTM

Blessings and Peace

Heather & Riley xo

Posted November 30, 2001


My little Jack Russell was called Soapy. He was named after his mom. He was the most beautiful dog on earth, with two brown spots on his back and a brown head. He always smiled when he saw me coming to feed him, like a sneeze. He was 13 years old in human years when he died. He had cancer in his stomach. He knew I was upset when my friend Vicky died because he came over to my side and nudged himself into my arms. I cried for hours before and after I had him put down. It would have been cruel to keep him alive if he couldn't even walk. I kept his teddy and it comes with me everywhere to remind me of him. One christmas I won a talent competition and I got a box of chocolates. I left them under the tree one night nad I noticed Sopay wasn't in his basket. I heard a crunching sound from under the tree and I found Soapy munching away at my box of Chocolates! He had opened them with his nose. At least he left me the ones he didn't like. I won't ever forget my little dog. I haven't got another one, I'm not sure if I can. I just hope he knew he was loved.
Bridget O'Neill, Belfast, Ireland.

Posted November 30, 2001


My husband and I just recently lost our baby--a 1 1/2 year JRT named Abigail Jayne (Abby). We were married in June of 2000 and bought Abby as a wedding gift for each other when she was only 8 weeks old. We don't yet have any children, so she was treated as if she truly was our baby. She was our pride and joy, making us laugh every single day of her short life. As are most Jack Russell's, she was brilliant. She knew many tricks and was very intuitive--I could teach her anything that I set my mind to. The thing that she was best at though, was cheering us up whenever we needed it. We only wish that she was here now in this devestating time. It was the irresponsibilty of construction workers that took her precious life--they left our gate open, allowing her to run into the street under the tire of an oncoming car.
We have received cards and flowers from our entire neighborhood--both the adults and the children loved seeing her happy face and wagging tail when we took her out for walks. We have so many great memories of her and she will be missed by us forever. The only thing that brings us comfort is knowing that we gave her the best possible life that she could have had while she was here, and that there is no way that she couldn't have known that we loved her. We are currently seeking another Jack Russell, not to replace her, but hopefully to fill the void in our hearts. We don't think that we can handle not having the day to day pleasure in our lives that only a dog can bring.
Angela K. Lenz

Posted November 30, 2001


This is a litlle after the fact, but on July 12th my beloved "Jack" passed away after escaping his fence on hot pursuit of a squirrel and ending up in oncoming traffic. Jack was our first Jack Russell Terrier, my husband I bought him a few days after we moved into our first house. He was my baby. He would go everywhere with me, I would even take him into stores with me. He would ride quietly in a straw basket with his head peering over the brim of the basket.(This do not make some store owners very happy) Jack was a wonderful little guy who loved everyone, he was very well known and loved by everyone in our neighborhood. We found out after Jack passed away that he often went next door to visit our elderly neighbor. He would go scratch and bark at her door and she would let him in and give him treats. He would stay for awhile and then come home, with his parents none the wiser of where he had been.(Jack often disappeared out into our large yard chasing squirrels) I will never forget of wonderful and protective Jack was when we had our first baby.
She did not let out a whimper without Jack rushing to her side and he was always sure to let us know she was crying too. He was so gentle with her, as she got older she started to pull his tail and ears, and she even tried to ride him a few times, but Jack never snarled or growled he had nothing for her but kisses. He was only with for 2 1/2 short years but he will never be forgotten and will live forever in our hearts.
Vince, Jessica and Jalyn Smith
P.S. He was such a wonderful dog that we decide to go back to are breeder, and are know the proud parents of two more Jack Russell's, Chloe and D.K.. They are great dogs, but they have alot to live up to.
Posted November 30, 2001


What can I say about a JR that all of us don't already know? Sadly, I had to put my little Buster to sleep on the afternoon of friday, October 12.2001. He was with me only 3 and a half short years, but the love and joy was enough for several lifetimes.

His personality was so....beautiful. Now I find myself writing this memorial instead of going out for our usual sunday morning walk. The house is indeed a much quieter and lonely, not to mention sadder place. Of course I`ll be getting another one (or two) but his memory and love, not only to me, but to everyone around him, will always be with us.

Thanks little Buster.


Posted November 30, 2001

Shelby Lynne

It has been almost 6 weeks now since I lost my Shelby Lynne to her love of squirrels. Santa brought me my baby Christmas 2000 and everyone warned us of the breed but I was determined to learn about JRT's. She was not as big as nothing when we got her and she was so timid and shy I just knew something was wrong with her. Ice storms delayed the potty training and I thought I had made the wrong choice because I could not get her house broken. Shelby learned very fast that I was her momma and I would always love her no matter where she tinkled. Towards spring potty training was finally accomplished and Shelby became the true JRT that I dreamed of. She woke up everyday bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for action. Everywhere we went Shelby went and everybody talked about her and wanted her and I just beamed with joy. She floated rivers, went to pick up kids from school, and ran every errand I did. Vacations and Sunday drives included Shelby Lynne. About mid-summer Shelby became very possessed with well, you all know, SQUIRRELS. She ran from one window in the house to the back door all day long. When you let her out she did nothing but tree squirrels from tree to tree. She would jump up and down, up and down, no longer was there grass under her favorite hickory tree, just dirt. One of her other favorite past times was the sprinkler system in which my husband installed last summer. All the neighbors would watch even cars would stop to see my little bundle of joy.

One fall morning my husband let Shelby out to do her business and she saw a leaf moving across the street, my husband summoned her but as you know she heard him but the love of hunting got the best of her and she took off. She could care less that a car was coming, it's as if she was on a suicide mission she didn't even flinch. She was instantly killed and my husband came in to tell me. Of course I will never forget it. I calmly went and got one of my girls baby blankets and wrapped her in it and held and rocked her as if I were telling one of my children goodbye, because I was. It's as if I knew this would be the way she would go, doing what she loved most. I would not change one thing about the time I had with Shelby. She was a very special girl. She taught me to live my life everyday to the fullest and do what you love. Shelby was buried lovingly with a beanie baby squirrel and her pink baby blanket. Thank you Shelby for the love you gave me and my heart aches daily for you.


Posted October 13, 2001

Popeye and SweetPea

I would like to add my two jack russells to the memorial listing. My first jack was "Popeye". He was "my little man". He was so much my buddy, always overwhelmed with joy to see me even if i was gone for 2 minutes. He was a jack through and through. He had just the cutest and most endearing little traits anyone could ever ask for in a unconditional loving buddy. I would also like to add "SweetPea" my little female jack russell to the list. She was the quickest, spunkiest, hunter i ever had the pleasure of knowing. If it was moving, she was taking after it, and more times than I wanted, she caught her. She kept every snake that had the unfortunate fate of trying to set up home on our property, off, (dead). She could jump a 6' privacy fence if her quary made it over it. Feisty was her middle name. Both of them have left this world, but not my heart. There will always be a large part of my heart occupied by the many memories if have of both of them. There isn't a day that passes, that I don't think of them both and smile or shed a tear. I am happy to announce that just last week I made room in my heart for my new Jack "Max" He comes from the show circuit and is one and one half years old. (i have knicknamed him "Mad Max") He is a joy and I am totally in love with him. I hope to be his partner for many many years. thank you for this chance to express my memories


Posted October 13, 2001


Lucy left me sometime in the early morning hours of Aug. 27, 2001. She had been my constant companion since Dec. 24, 1994, when she arrived looking more like a mouse than a dog, her big bright eyes, freckled ear, and a dozen brown hairs on the tip of her stub tail. We still don't know why she had to go, why she became so sick so fast, or why her indomintable spirit refused to let me know that she was ailing until she was so nearly gone.

Up until the last three nights of her life, we'd spent fewer than a handful of nights apart. She went with me everywhere -- to work where she would sit placidly in my lap as I worked on a computer or visit with coworkers; to the beach where she chased water birds and crabs, and ran from waves until she was exhausted; to all family gatherings, where she was my youngest child, the baby I could spoil endlessly.

Her scolding bark told me good-bye every morning as she shook her latest toy so hard that her feet bounced off the ground. Every evening she was waiting at the window, watching for my car in the drive with her little ears perked.

She hugged with her whole body, snuggling against my neck, responded enthusastically to every request for a kiss, and loved with every tiny bone in her little body.

She played endless games with anyone or anything that was willing. I still sit to the side of my chair to give her room to crowd in.

We fought hard to keep her, and I shall always remember telling her to get better, get stronger, and that I would be back for her. I left her my favorite sweatshirt to sleep in, and I now wear it in her memory, but there's nothing to replace the feel of her little body in my arms. There are pictures and precious memories galore, but I cannot understand why she had to go so soon.

I can only trust that the Lord who blessed me with her love and companionship for such a brief time will reunite us some day, for it would not be heaven without her.

Good-bye Lucy. I'm trying hard to let you go, but you'll live in my heart, my mind, and my dreams forever.

Angela "Momma" Leonard
Mount Airy, NC

Posted October 13, 2001


We said goodbye to our beloved Mickey yesterday. He was our first pet and will always be special to us. He was a loving, active, friendly, tenacious and thoroughly enjoyable friend. He loved to swim (in circles, clockwise) forever. He loved logs and sticks much bigger then himself. He loved chasing balls, playing wall ball, running with friends and snuggling. He became protective of me when I was pregnant with my first child and loved to just lay over my large belly and be kicked by the baby. He was very accepting of the first and then second child. He knew his job and he did it well. He was never mean and never bit a soul, although he did like to play tough when we invited it. We will forever remember his beautiful face, perky ears and vertical wagging tail and wonderful spirit. We love you Mickey.

Allyson, Andrew, Kim and Bud

Posted July 26, 2001


We lost our best friend to illness. I held her in my arms as she drew her last breath. I have never known such unconditional love in all of my 46 years. She was always happy to see us; she adored my husband, but when he was not around she was my very best pal. She would cuddle up and just hang out with you; she followed us through all our daily tasks; saw us off at the door each morning and was happily waiting when we arrived home in the evening.

She loved to play ball, but that came to an end as she got sick - and this was one of strongest indications that we were losing our "Sidpuppy". She slept with us for six of her six and one-half years. Each night we got "Sidlicks", then she would move about the bed finding her spot. She woke us up to more "Sidlicks", and ready to start her busy day. Those beautiful big eyes, and that constantly wagging happy tail.

In an ironic way, it seems that Memorial Day was a tribute to Sidnee - she was born on Valentine's Day and left us on Memorial Day.

The most wonderful things I will remember about Sidpuppy were her personality and her playfulness. But those warm cuddles will never be replaced. She brought so much happiness and warmth to our home - and to our lives. I am so grateful that she was a part of us, and has left us with memories and a zillion pictures that she was either the center of, or managed to be a part of!!

Sidpuppy, we will always love you - we will NEVER forget you - you will live on in our thoughts and our memories -- and you were one of the best things we have experienced in our lives. We miss you and our hearts are saddened. Life will go on, but will not be the same without you bouncing around.

"The Mommy Person & The Daddy Person"
The Nalley's
Louisville, Kentucky
Posted July 26, 2001


It's been several months since our Maggie died, and we still haven't gotten over our loss. She was born on Christmas and was killed by another dog 16 weeks later on Good Friday. She died in the hospital, but held on long enough to say goodbye to her family with a lick. We received her ashes last week, and they will be placed under the magnolia (Maggie was short for Magnolia) tree to be planted in our back yard. Maggie was our little angel and will never be forgotten.

We will always miss her.
Brett and Christine

Posted July 26, 2001


We lost our beloved Diego in April. We adopted him from a local family who had bought him over the internet, and we suspected that they had abused him. We already had had a 1 year old Jack named Pablo and saw a posting at the grocery store for a 5 month old named Diego--since our friends had just had twins (human twins) named Pablo and Diego---we thought this was fate. I called and immediately went and got him, for Pablo and Diego it was love a t first sight. I had heard not to put two males together, but these two guys were made for each other. they played so much it wore all of us out, but we were never so entertained!!!! Diego was a challenge to say the least!!! He was continually on the dining room table, jumping in the bathtub with the kids, and even figured out how to open the refrigerator, and once ate a whole chicken---I thought he was done for, but he past it all fine!!!!!!

A few weeks ago he got off the leash and was immediately hit by a speeding car who didn't even stop---we were in the middle of my son's birthday party and the kids witnessed it. We miss Diego deeply! Especially his buddy Pablo who is still carrying his collar around!! I know now, even though his death was tragic, it was fate that led us to Diego because no one else would have put up with his mischievous behavior--but we loved him just the same and still do!!!

WE love you DIEGO, and you are forever in our memories!!!!!!

Posted July 26, 2001


I lost my dear Sally. I had rescued her form a family that had never owned a dog before. The mother had two year old twin boys and was expecting another set of twins. Needless to say my little Sally was just to much for her to handle. I have always had dogs, and was not fond of small dogs. Sally changed that is a heartbeat. I have never known so much love and happiness this little girl brought me. She was like soap bubbles rolling though my home and my heart.

Sally was small, only 8 lbs.., but she would take no prisoners. We have a 100 pound yellow Labrador, who Sally would play with torment, and share naps. She could always get his toys in a tug of war, one feisty little dog pulling them from his mouth.

We live in a Condo with a small fenced area, but she was content. I could not sit down without her on my lap. She slept under the covers at my feet, and shared this spot with Sadie our cat. Even though we live in a condo, Sally always went with me when I would ride my horse. She would sit on the pomal in front of me just as her grandmother and grandfather still do in Scotland. This was the time she could run to heart content, over the rolling hill in the Santa Ynez Valley of Calif.

Her death was a tragic accident, I left her at the ranch where I keep my horse to board. She was to say in a kennel, but because she is so sweet the owner kept her in the house. There was only one rural road that went past the property, with almost no traffic. Sally slipped out the door and ran to the road and was hit by a car, she was only two when she died, I had her just over a year.

She is buried on a hill overlooking the valley, I hope she is running over these hills and chasing rabbits and ground squirrels.

I will never get over the loss of this little dog as long as I Live. She was my heart. I will look for her as I ride through these hills, her ears flapping and her little feet barely touching the ground. The pain of her loss is almost more than I can bear, it is as if there is only a hollow place where my heart use to be.

Posted July 26, 2001


i am writing a very painful memorial. this is to our dog solo. solo came to us from a friend who was moving. these people didn't realize the wonderful dog they had either. they only told me about the horrible things she did. like run away and get into the garbage. well the garbage goes without saying, but she never ran away from me. solo was a ruff and smooth coat in one. she had the sweetest face. she became my oldest daughters dog.they both had this Mohawk thing going on. she wore a Harley Davidson collar with flames. perfect for solo, she was like a shot from about seven in the morning till about ten at night.

solo went into have surgery to have a foreign body remove from her stomach. she had been having some problems. this was a last resort for the vets. the got in there and found pieces of a blanket she had chewed, and it had cut her bowel in two. we had to let her go. it was heart breaking. she was only four. we are all devastated. her two brothers a Scottie and a cairn poodle mix are totally lost. there is no terrier tag going through my house. i was looking over the rescue application. not that we are ready i was just looking. one of the questions is "why do you want a jack russell". and i dont know. she was a stinker, but you couldn't help loving her. terrier people are special people. they are heck of a great dog. solo was the best. and we will have another one, without hesitation. in time. this is a huge loss to us. only terrier people would understand.

thank you for your time,
sarah travis

Posted July 26, 2001


The time has come to say goodbye to my dear sweet Madeline. She died in my arms after 9 short years in my life. Maddog was my everything and now she is gone. The sound of her tags jingling down stairs as she patrols the house, her sharp bark to let the world know not to challenge her territory, the happy whining and fidgeting when a dog walks by on the street and she has to sit/stay in the yard. The 3 foot by 3 foot bed that was only for her(and me). Running full speed in circles around the vacant lot and me telling her how FAST she was, even though she was slowed by a nervous disorder. Her jack attacks mellowed over the years as her body began to fail her, but they where still fancy. She loved going on car rides and looking for Sheepeez (code name for any animal that she could smell through the vent and would get her ears perked up).

When Maddy-dog came into my life she was 10 weeks old and could fit half her body in a coffee cup (I have the picture to prove it). She slept on my chest for the first 4 months, the routine was she would give me the look, I would lay down, she would flop down give me a kiss, let out a Great Dane sized sigh and fall asleep. How I miss those sweet brown eyes slowly drifting off to sleep. 9 short years of memories and love and she drifted off to sleep for the last time. It did not take long for me to realize that I had one of the biggest little dogs. One of her first encounters was with three full grown Labs, it took Madeline 2 minutes to let all three of them know that she was in charge and if they did not behave she would let them know. Madds' never went far from me and was not much for running out into the street but when she did go off snooping it scared me beyond belief I did not want to loose my sweet-pea.

Very rarely would I keep her on a leash and she never would leave my side until she was told "that will do". Nobody in their right mind can ever say that Maddog was "just a dog" she was family, she was my counselor late at night, she was my dog alarm out camping, my back pack buddy, my helper out in the garage and garden, my everything. I know that eventually I will stop crying, but I will never stop loving my puppers. I sure miss playing growly dog with her. Maddy-girl daddy loves you and is miserable with out you, come back to me when the time is right. With great sadness and great joy I say "Maddog you watch'em and I will see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge"

Posted July 26, 2001


March 30 of this year was one of the saddest days in the 47 years I have lived. While I have had many pets and was raised by a farmer who respected and loved the animals that were part of his life, I have never before had to deal with the tragic death of an animal that belonged to one of my children. Sadi was a Christmas present to our daughter (now 12) in December of 1999.

My father had given me a terrier for my 16th birthday and I loved their spirit. My technical training was as a veterinary technician and I enjoyed every terrier we had in the clinic. A friend of our family owned Sadi's mother and allowed Maggie the pick of the litter. Sadi slept with Maggie from the first night she was in our home. She was fearless, funny, feisty and extremely loving. She adored her "big brother" Rex (our rescue dog/black lab and German shorhair) and was a perfect fit in this family. She made our 17 year "old" cat young again -- even sleeping together during their daytime naps. My husband was against adding another dog to our lives with retirement in view, considering a Jack can live to a ripe old age. However, he adored her from the first moment he met her. We picked the feistiest pup of the litter and never regretted a moment of her time with us. On March 30, I took Rex and Sadi to a woods near our house for a run, as was our custom. On this day, when we reached the alfalfa field, a hawk flew up in front of Sadi and she took chase into the woods. Unfortunately the rock quarry that adjoins this field is unfenced -- which I and Sadi did not know.

She fell to her death doing what she loved to do -- run and hunt. I have never suffered such grief -- having to tell my daughter that her dog of only 1 year and 5 months was dead.

We are working through the grief but realize we all need a JRT to fill the huge hole left in our hearts. No dog will ever replace Sadi but another can love us and give us joy that is special to it alone. We are looking forward to picking up a new puppy in May. Please wish us the best.

For others who have posted messages here, we send you our thoughts and prayers. You are lucky to have had a JRT in your lives. Celebrate them and what they gave to you!

Posted July 26, 2001


Last April Felix would have been 2. What a short life for such a wonderful creature. Felix died on St. Patrick's Day after being hit by a truck. What hurts the most was not being there. I had to give Felix away on February 1st because of circumstances that could not be changed. I gave Felix to my cousin who immediately adored him and did everything with him (those of us who have and do have Jack Russell's know that you can't go anywhere without them). She had him one short month and half-when she called to tell me he had died. Felix touched many hearts in his short time here. He was a complete pleaser, and love.

I have now lost 2 JR's both very different deaths-both very hard to cope with. To those of you who have JR's- protect them, love them with all you have, and most importantly cherish everyday with them.

Felix, I miss you dearly. I know you are now with Zipper and you and he are happy! I see the day we meet at the Rainbow Bridge-and I smile. I love you sweet, sweet pea.

Love you always,


Posted July 26, 2001


On March 14, 2001, our beloved Valentino,"Vinnie," had to be euthanized after being struck by a car. We had no choice - he had a spinal fracture which rendered him paralyzed. Vinnie was an escape artist and bird chaser. He could open doors, gates, etc. and managed to get by my husband who was closing a person door in a garage that a mouse couldn't get through! Vinnie flew past two friends of ours standing in the garage and out in front of a car. We were so devastated - he was the best friend to our 5 yr. old JRT, Tony, and had been our "baby". He was 15 months old when he died and I could not have felt worse if he was my child. We have his little ashes at home and I cry every day thinking about what a character he truly was and how much I miss him snuggling next to me at night and his deep bark despite his small size.

We miss and Love You, Vinnie.

Posted July 26, 2001


I'm writing from the path of grief that all bereaved owners know. In April my husband took our beloved little dog, Penny to the vet to have her put to sleep. She was just six weeks short of her 15th birthday and she was our little tan and white princess. Dignified to the end she brought our family, of whom she was the first, so much joy. She was a true warrior. She had pulled through heart failure and even a stroke, but in the end it was an ominous lump that meant we had to spare our brave warrior any unnecessary suffering.Today I am broken hearted and I can only thank God for giving her to us and give her back to him to keep safe. We love you our wee Penny.

Love from your mum, dad and family.

Posted July 26, 2001


I lost my dear little Bella, only two years old and the cutest but spunkiest smooth tri possible, to a pair of coyotes yesterday. I live in a unique area where I can run my dogs unleashed but supervised. As we took our mid-morning run, a bout of nearby barking became very serious. Unfortunately home development here in eastern Massachusetts has made some very aggressive and hungry predators out of the coy dog population. I was able to get to her but not soon enough and she was too small to fight off a pair of trained killers. Her wounds were visibly not that severe but her internal injuries were more than she could take and she left us after a gallant struggle to stabilize. This is a devastating loss and she will be sorely missed by Cecil, her "brother" and myself.

Chris Trussell

Posted July 26, 2001


I still cry when we come in the door and there is no one here to greet us. Lucy was going to be five this April. She was a beautiful and sweet-tempered smooth coat JR. She has been through 2 out-of-state moves with us as well as the addition of a new baby to the family. She always treated Emma (our three-year-old) with so much love and tenderness, always "kissing" her, never ever mean. She took advantage of an empty lap and would play ball for hours on end. She could run circles that would make you dizzy and could jump as high as your shoulder. Once she figured out what "walk" meant I had to start spelling it or she'd bounce around all excited, yipping until we left for our hike. After awhile, I swear she could spell it. And if you ever said anything that sounded like "walk" she would cock her head to the side, back and forth trying to be sure what you said.

I made the mistake of letting her out unleashed. She had always just gone potty and then waited. It took less than 3 minutes, but this time she went to defend her humans against a snowplow that was pushing snow into our yard, instead of just barking her warning. Thank goodness the vet said she went quickly and there was no pain. The guilt is sometimes unbearable.

She is always and forever in our hearts and minds. My daughter thinks all pet food is "Lucy food" and she doesn't understand where her best friend has gone. Lucy brightened our every day and gave life to the different houses we have lived in. She would smack her paws up on the side of the bed when it was time to wake up, and if you were too close to the edge, you got a wake-up kiss.

We are flying back to Minnesota in a few months to pick up our new Jack Russell puppy from the breeder where we got Lucy. The new puppy has the same father as Lucy, and we've named her Casey. She will be a different dog, of course, and have her own personality but we can't wait to get to know her. We are also putting in a fence, to avoid any accidents in the future.

Thanks for the memories-

Love, Mom, Dad & Emma

Posted July 26, 2001


Our little Maggie of 9 years. Dad called you God's Dog. Is that why you had to leave us so soon? You gave us a reason to wake up every morning, and a reason to come home. When we had to go somewhere without you, you loudly expressed your disappointment but quickly forgave us and always welcomed us home, meeting us at the door with your unique little smile and a wiggly tail.

Oh Maggie, we miss you so much. Every day has a big empty place. Your little sister Kelly is very sad without you too. I remember all the miles we walked, all the toys you loved, and especially your kisses. I miss your warm little body snuggled close to my side. If only I could hear you talk to me again. You are my baby Maggie and I love you every day and miss you. You are the best! To lose you to an auto immune disease, which I don't even begin to understand, is just too much. One day your mom and I will see you again and go for a walk in the park like so many other times.

Until then,
all our love,
Bill and DeeDee

Posted July 26, 2001



It's been almost four years now since we lost you now and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. For fourteen years, you were my best friend, companion and confidante. You saw me through good times and bad. You never judged. You were always there with a look that said everything would be ok. You gave a nudge and a lick when it was needed. You laid by my side through thick and thin and never complained. When you became sick and could no longer lead a happy life, I made the most painful decision of my life in ending your pain and suffering. I held your little cancer ravaged body and said goodbye as you departed for a better life and we cried at our loss for there was never a better friend such as you. We will meet again and until that time, know that we love you and miss you always.

Penny was my introduction to the Jack Russell but not my last. I got her while stationed in the UK so she was a true Jack. She traveled all over with me in the United States while driving an 18 wheeler until settling in the Dallas, Texas area. In the fourteen years she was alive, she was a devoted friend who had seen and traveled more places than most people. She is deeply missed. We now have a new Jack Russell in "Remington". He is six months old now and a bundle of energy. He has alot of living up to but I can already see he is worthy of the task.

Thank you for the opportunity to place this memorial to my friend.

Mike Multop

Posted March 4, 2001


It has been 4 hours since we received the phone call from our vet. We had Mac tattooed for identification, in the event he went missing, today it was used to notify us of his death. Mac ran away last night, when he was let out after returning home. We have never had to worry about him leaving the yard at night time, so he was not put on his leash, he was only out for 5 minutes. We searched all night and day and at 3:30 PM today we received the call. Mac had been hit by a car last night and the vet could not save him.

We saw an ad in the paper two years ago for JRT puppies, my husband and I decided to go see them. When we arrived we took him immediately. Mac was kept in the bathroom for his first four months, and only let outside when the other dogs wanted out. They had two small children who used to carry him around by the throat, we took him home. He was pure white and very timid. As the months passed he became less timid and started getting color. He became our baby.

He did the most quirkiest things and always made us laugh. We would cuddle and our laps were never empty, no matter where we were. My parents cared for him when we had to go away, and became very attached also. I'm still waiting for him to come home.

We will miss his smile that we received when we came home, his love and affection, his warmth and even his antics. There will be no more shredded paper trails through our house, or barking at the window. No more cuddling at night or a greeting of hello. No more walks or bunny chasing.

Mac you are our life and our love. We will miss you forever!

Posted March 4, 2001


Snottie Dottie was a wonderful, loving JRT, wife of Gus, our first JRT purchased 5 years ago. Dottie was a very young 4 years old. I knew how many jacks were killed every year by cars and have done everything possible to prevent this. It hasn't been easy as they are true escape artists...finally I put an electric fence (for horses) around their yard. It worked! No more escapes for 2 years and then our sweet, beautiful baby was killed by a snake last Wednesday in her own "safe" back yard. Our family is devastated. Her personal human was my 14 year old son who has never cried so much...none of us have. We miss her every minute of every day. Gus is lost without her. My coffee cup does not mysteriously empty itself anymore. One day we will meet again....til then we were blessed to have you. Godspeed sweet Dottie.....

The Ruffell's
Kingsland Georgia

Posted March 4, 2001


We had to put Jack down today due to an enlarge heart. My brother gave Jack to us a year ago and we will miss him dearly. Jack was only 2 years old when in just two weeks he got real sick. Our vet took ex-rays and the results were not very good. What we will mostly miss of Jack was his character. We had a task at first on house training him, but after two months he was a joy to have. We thank God for the one good year we had him. We love Jack and we already miss him.

Fee & Yolanda

Posted February 4, 2001


He was a rough coat JRT and Loved as an Important member of my family. We had always had large dogs before him but never one with a heart as large as his.We live on ten acres,two cleared and eight wooded and wiggles knew every inch of it.he loved his tennis balls. He loved them so much he taught us to throw them so he could catch them.I would never have believed a pet could have so much persistence,You could throw his ball into the woods and no matter how long it took he would not come out without that ball.You could throw his ball straight up into the air and he would catch it 95 percent of the time.We have a Chow named Buster and he and wiggles were the best of friends romping in the yard or running through the woods together.Wiggles thought he was as big as Buster.So did Buster! Wiggles had his morning routine where he would lick my hand from the side of the bed until I woke up.Then as soon as I started moving around it was time to play ball and the fact that I had to get ready for work mattered not at all to him. He would bring the ball and drop it at your feet then stare at it ready to go and if you ignored it he would pick it up and drop it again to get your attention and he finally learned that if he dropped it in my boot then I would have to pick it up. So then it was only a matter of tossing it..He had a toy box but he firmly believed that toys belonged in all parts of the house for convenience just in case he happened to be in a room and want to play.He wasn't always all play though there were times when he would lay beside you on the couch or lay his head on your lap and Love on you for as long as ten seconds sometime.

He never wandered off but one day a female appeared and he decided to follow her off. He was only gone out of our sight for a matter of minutes before we missed him.I found Him on the road where he had NEVER gone before. WE were Devastated.He filled up so much of our life with love and happiness.For a very long time it was very hard to tie my boots in the morning and we still have his toy box.We buried him in a special place in the woods he loved so much. Wiggles I miss you little buddy life just hasn't seemed to have the same quality since that day.We have new JRT now and his name is Spanky we love him very much also and he stays in the new fenced in yard I put up just for him .Wiggles left a deep void and spanky is not filling it but then again he's not supposed to is he? I love him just the same...Wiggles I hope that wherever you are .you are playing ball to your hearts content we LOVE YOU !!!

Dad and Mom

Posted February 4, 2001


I lost my best friend just three days ago. I never new it could be this painful to lose a pet. But Jackaroo was some thing special. Jackaroo was my birthday present last year, and in that one brief year myself, my wife, friends, and family all became attached to that affectionate, energetic, lovable, intelligent, stubborn little person.

I will never forget how all you had to do was say the word "squirrel" and his ears would perk up and he'd dash to the window looking for his favorite nemesis. He'd spend hours in the yard, chasing squirrels, birds, butterflies, even bugs. His favorite thing to do was to tease the neighbor's spaniel, getting the dog to chase him up and down the fence line. Then, at night, he'd love to just lay on the couch with us and watch a little TV. His neck entwined with yours. And, around 9 - 9:30, he'd hop down and look up at you telling you it was time for bed. He always slept with us. I will forever miss being woken up in the middle of the night with his stiff little legs sticking into my back.

Even a fenced in yard could not keep our energetic, stubborn little boy from finding a way out. But, in his secure and loved little life, he never had a clue to what a rode was and what a car could do to him.

Now, I am left with a profound sadness and a void that I feel can never be filled again. I will forever see him standing in the window when I return home. And, forever miss those little "Jack Attacks" when you walk in the door, and have this excited, lovable, bundle of joy there to greet you, leaping up and down, his tail wagging so hard, his whole body wags with it. And, you know in your heart that something or someone could never love you as much as this little dog does.

Jackaroo we miss you!!
Love Shawn & JoAn

Posted February 4, 2001



Had to be put down after a wonderful life, she will join her twin brother Reggie and mother Bonny. She will be sadly missed by her parents Alex and Linda Barber

Posted February 4, 2001


On December 23, 2000, our family (i.e. pack) lost one of its members - Jackson Montgomery Kinslow. He was a terrific dog, even his Vet felt this way about him. Unfortunately we lost Jackson due to an error on my part. I let Jackson outside in an area which was not fenced. Of course he ran off to chase after the birds and other small critters he could smell. He was hit by a car and died immediately. We found him shortly thereafter.

Jackson brought a lot of joy into our lives. He has a terrific soul and I hope his soul is making someone else very happy today - perhaps as an infant. We miss Jackson very much and will always remember him. It is very hard to enjoy life now that Jackson is no longer part of it. I hope he is enjoying his new life.

We miss you Jackson and love you very much. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives.

Jackson's Family

Posted February 4, 2001


Rusty came to us four months ago, the victim of neglect and physical abuse. He was a tri-color rough coat that was full of love. He was attacked and killed by a coyote just nine days before his second birthday, on Dec. 13th. From the moment he arrived, he was at home. Frasier, my JRT mix, took to him immediately which is unusual. By the second month here, he was finally healthy and very happy. He loved to chase balls and Frisbees, and was rarely at rest. It was such a delight to watch him and Frasier run, dig and play together.

On the evening of Dec.13th., as I opened the front door to go out to the car for something, he bolted and ran after a shape in the dark. For the first time, he did not respond to my calls and commands presumably focused on his chase. As I ran into the brush after him I heard the sickening sudden yelp and knew he had met his end. In the dark, I caught a glimpse of the coyote as it ran off. A frantic four hour search failed to find his remains which makes his passing all the more difficult. Rusty was here for a very short time, but managed to steal my heart. I hope that he has found a better place.

Please, if you live in a rural area, take extra care to protect your little friends. Rusty, Frasier and I miss you buddy.

Larry T
Whidbey Island

Posted February 4, 2001


We have lost two of our best friends this year almost six months apart to the day. On June 23, 2000, our beloved Freckles, The most un-Jack Russell Terrier you could ever meet died after surgery for a tumor of the spleen. She was ill only a few days and at the age of 11 years was still very loving and active until 3 days before her surgery. She was kind, sweet and patient. She was an excellent mother to her daughter Velvet. She was also the queen of the household having been taught by her best friend MacGinty - a wonderful Irish Setter who lived until age seventeen. Freckles slept between his front paws as a puppy and followed Ginty everywhere. She never ran away and never required a leash.

Her father Shamrock who was 13 and 1/2 years died today December 24, 2000. He died as a result of a Fibrocartiligenous embolism (FCE) of the spine which resulted in paralysis of his hind end. He was never able to regain use despite steroids and lots of nursing care. He retained a strong spirit and a loving heart until the end. He would run at the drop of a hat to follow his prey. At the age of 7 weeks he surprised the entire dinner table by sitting up and begging and speaking for food - a trick that he was never taught and my daughter thinks he learned from watching the TV! There were very few things that "Mr Houdini" could not escape from or through.

Our smooth coat tan and white JRTs were truly part of our family. Both were go to ground certified and Shamrock was puppy racing champion on Long Island.

It is truly amazing how many tears can be shed for these tiny dogs with hearts as big as the ocean. They are always in our hearts and minds.

I hope that everyone can experience the love and devotion that we have been fortunate to have.

The search begins for a new JRT to fill our home with joy and love.

Posted February 4, 2001


This is for my beloved JRT, Chicklette. Born on December 13, 1999, I bought her when she was 5 1/2 months. On December 18, 2000 I was returning home from a quick trip to the grocery store. Unknowing to me, she had been let out to go to the potty. When she heard my truck, she ran to greet me at the top of the driveway....and I couldn't stop in time due to ice on the road. She ran right under the back wheel of my truck. If I had been going a little faster....or swerved a little sooner....she may still be here. She had multiple fractures to her pelvis and femur...nothing was located where it should have been. After reviewing the x-rays, there was no possibility that she would ever have the quality of life that was so important to her. On the 19th, I made the toughest decision I could ever make....to have my dear companion euthanized. To make it even harder (if that's possible) I couldn't be there with her in her final moments due to a big snow storm. I was able to pick her body up on the 20th, and she is now buried under her favorite Lilac bush...where she used to hang out and hunt for ground moles. I take comfort in knowing that she is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge, where we can be together again....forever.

I'm so sorry Chicklette.......I'll love you always!

To read about the accident and a little about the wonderful dog that only graced my life a few short months, but left a lasting impact on it, please read here: http://users.penn.com/~sassychick/chicklette.htm

Take good care of your fur babies...and give them lots of extra love and attention. We never know how long they'll be in our lives.

Wendy in Pennsylvania
Posted December 15, 2000


This is about my JRT, Casey, who was killed by my sons Dalmatian in April 2000. I got him in November 1997. I had wanted a female but this male pup kept jumping into my lap. the lady who was selling them even held on to him but he was wanted on my lap, so I got him. this dog was smart-and I now have 5 JRT's, and Casey was the smartest dog I have ever known. he learned fast. he has learning to climb a ladder to the hay loft in my barn when he was killed. he would jump into my arms. my kids and husband would try to get him to jump into their arms but he'd run to me. he would play this game of protecting me, growling and carrying on if someone acted like they were going to hurt me.the Dalmatian thought he was top dog, and Casey wanted to be. one day I came home from worked and found my female, his pen mate, out running around. I knew that Casey was dead. the Dalmatian was standing up on a bank by the house. it appeared that Casey's neck was broken. we buried him down by our pond, his swimming hole, and the other JR's watched. I called the people I got him from and they had a litter. I decided to name the new pup chance, because I was taking a chance he'd be like Casey. this pup turned out to be deaf. so back I went and got my first pick. my husband had picked out the first pup because he looked like Casey. now this pup was to be called 2nd chance,or jokingly no chance.dogs, like kids, all are different. I think about Casey daily. I think I'm over his death, but then I cry thinking about him. my husband used to say I loved that dog more then him!!!I'm glad I happened upon this site. it makes me smile to remember my Casey dog..carol in Missouri

Posted December 15, 2000

Danny and Friends

In memory of Jack Russells of thirty years in the Kennel in the Sky - Jodie, Danny, Snooky, Benjy, Beatles, Arky, Prissles, Charlies, Flo, Nellie, and Bonzy. All died about 13 except Danny who lived until he was twenty-one.

Ron UK

Posted December 15, 2000


I lost my three month old female JRT Lavin three days ago because I stupidly left the laundry room door open. She was afraid of the washing machine and never ventured into it. But she did that night and ate almost a complete box of Tide. She crawled up the stairs and onto my bed, licking my face, by the smell of her breath, I could tell she had eaten something. I jumped up and saw she had blood around her mouth. Lavin had begun to vomit the detergent as well as her stomach lining. I knew she wouldnt make it to the vet so I laid down on my bed and placed her on my chest. She died a moment later.

Never for a minute assume your JRT won't do something unusual to their personality. Some day they will and that will be the hardest day of your life. I'm so sorry Lavin, I failed you.

Posted December 15, 2000


Born 12/27/94, came to us at the age of 6 weeks, he was a tri colored rough coat. HB was a very special friend to us. He loved to go to wach Terry practice on his cutting horse or attedning many of the cuttings in our area. He went to work with Terry daily and had the best disposition of any dog in the world. He was very obedient. Everyone knew HB as he never met a stranger. We will miss him. HB we miss you and love ya, little buddy. We know he is watching over us

Posted December 15, 2000


She came into our lives on 26 June 1999 as an eight week old bundle of joy. Never have I been so in love with in animal and I know that never again will I have a friend such as her. She was my shadow, watching my every movement - hoping and expecting to be included in every single thing my husband and I did. Pigeons were her favourite prey and many a day my house would be covered in feathers - she was the most loving animal, ready to play at the drop of a hat. Every visitor to our home adored Neesha. It usually took about five minutes for her to get to know someone and end on their laps (always with a ball at hand).

Then we dediced it was time that Neesha got a boyfriend. After a long search, Earl (Early Worm) was decided upon as the best looking guy in town and we sent them off for a "dirty weekend". Neesha fell pregnant and all through her pregnancy she was fit as a fiddle and we gave her the best possible care any caring JRT owner could. On the day of the birth she was still running around happy as ever. But with seven puppies, her little body went into shock on the operating table, she went into arrest and about seven hours later she just stopped breathing. We went home that night from the vet feeling as though our whole world had just ended.

Of the seven puppies, five survived and we have been hand rearing them. An experience that cannot be described to anybody. Five weeks later, I am still crying, but now its not the terrible visions of the operating table anymore, but sweet soft memories of the most beautiful dog in the world.

This is for you my angel.


E & O

Posted December 15, 2000


Cocoa was just two years old when a car hit him on Thursday , August 24. He was not just a dog ,but a truly special member of our family and neighborhood. It just happened that he was a dog. He was sweet , loving,smart, and very lively for the three little boys who loved him so. We are all grieving over our loss of a dog that is irreplacable. Cocoa was so loved by others that we have received call after call and even visits by neighbors to give us their sympathy. It is comforting ,but nothing can ease our pain . Cocoa, we love you and we will miss you forever.

Posted December 15, 2000


Max was my puppy. He was really 2 years old. He was a very special dog to me. Everytime I was sad he was there for me. He slept with me every night and kept me warm. Every time he heard something like just a little sound the hair on his back would stick up and he would growl, just to protect me. I have tons of pictures of me baby. He was the best dog i think that I'll ever have owned. It even makes me sad to watch "My Dog Skip", because a couple of nights before he died I was watching it and when Skip got hit by a shovel I made Max come sit with me then 2 days later he was gone forever. What happened was him and my other dog jumped the fence which is something they never ever have done. They got pretty far away, and I guess Max wasn't paying attention so he got hit by a car. I loved him soo much. He was very well-behaved. Max I will miss you a whole lot and just because I get another dog doesn't mean that I have forgotten about you!

Thanks-Kaylie (age 13 from Texas)

Posted December 15, 2000


He was my first JR (but not my last!). He was almost 3 when I got him because his 1st family didn't want him any more. We went everywhere together. I only wish I had known about JR trials years ago. He would have had even more fun in his little life. As it was, he has been to trials this past year and had a ball barking at all the dogs. He had limphoma and wasn't able to compete, but he still barked and had fun. Now he is healthy and if Chuck looks in the right place, he will find one fine hunting dog!!

Mom loves you baby. You are THE BEST! Wait for me, but enjoy in the meantime.

On Oct. 4, 2000, Sparky went to the Rainbow Bridge. He is with Chuck Hufnagle and hunting his little heart out. What a pair they are! I know they both are having a ball.

Posted December 15, 2000


Molly ( Our Best Friend)
Molly was the light of our lives. She was our first Jack Russell. She taught us all about Jack Russells and just how special they are. We lost Our little girl last night . She was hit by a car and we found her. After searching the neighborhood , we looked an the highway where she never went. It had just happened but apparently she was killed instantly. We have a fenced in backyard but the gate was left opened. Now today we are all devestated and only wish we could turn back the clock. Molly was a true member of our family. We buried her under a tree where she loved to bark at a squirrel tail we played with her with. We will miss her always.

We love you Molly Girl Bishop,
Moma Jean, Daddy, Jacob and yes Petti Jean

Posted December 15, 2000


We recently lost our adorable little Niblet. She was spunky and full of life. She was only 8 monthes old but in that short time her life was filled with love, and fun. We have 3 other dogs: 2 Labs Ranger and Callie and an English Springer Spaniel Rebel. She loved going outside and wrestling with the Labs. She thought she was as big as they are. She liked to tease rebel inside the house. She used to tease him by playfully snapping at his feet as he walked by. Rebel didn't mind I think he thought of it as a game. She used to ride with me to the store and people were always commenting on how cute she was when I took her to Petsmart. I have had many dogs in my 37 years but this has been my first JRT. I can honestly say that I have never been affected by a loss of of a pet like I am with Niblet. We buried here up out in the country on our property. I built a rock Cairn over her grave.

We Love You Niblet
Lee/Becky Goodell and Kimberly

Posted December 15, 2000


My boyfriend and I got Paco 11/2 years ago after we decided to move in together. Every morning I would go downstairs and get him out of his bed and he would slowly creep out and then make this funny yawnig noise while he was stretching, then he would turn around to me and stand up on his hind legs and wrap his little paws around my legs while I bent down to give him a good morning kiss. He was so precious.

We lost our precious little baby twelve days ago and it seems as if it were only yesterday. I miss him so much I just keep thinking he is going to be home when I get there and that the dog we buried wasn't really him. If only that were true.

I just wanted everyone to know what a truly wonderful little guy he was and that he is greatly missed and loved.

Good bye baby Mommy and Daddy love you very much.

Posted December 15, 2000


Texas was my heart and my laughter in the 5 years he was with me. I'd always owned physically big dogs... Golden Retrievers. I had done a lot of reading and knew about all the challenges with a JR... but I never knew how "big" they really are until Tex came into my life. He was just incredible with a capacity to love and enjoy every minute of his life... I live on 200 acres full of rodents and other challenges that he enjoyed. However, the part of the lessons I'd read about but did not internalize was the part about how quickly JR's can leave your life... Texas was killed by a truck... a truck that shouldn't have been on my private property, miles from anywhere else.... I thought I was very careful... but I still lost him... so, to the rest of you JR owners and lovers... please remember to be ever vigilant, even when it seems so safe... it is so painful to lose such an incredble bundle of light.

Posted July 20, 2000


He was my baby, best friend and companion. I will never forget him. When I was down from a car wreck he was there for me. I loved him with all my heart and always will. He was so smart, so giving he stayed beside me thru thick and thin. I never got to leave home without him, he would see to that. I'll never forget how he loved his bath. He loved icecream too. I miss him everyday. I still have his picture by my bed and in my bible. I have often wondered if I didn't love him so much, would he still be here for me? You see I had very jeaious boyfriend that gave my baby zeke anti-freeze. By the time my dad and I realized what he had done it was to late.. And I have been dieing since. I know someday I will get over this but, not to soon I'm sure.

Love for Zeke FOREVER

Oct. 10 1999

Posted July 20, 2000


Tuffy was 12 years old when he died. He was a wonderful pet. We all grew up with Tuffy. I loved him so much. I was 17 years old when I got Tuffy and married. I've three children. While he lived with us, he was always such a joy. He was with us through good times and bad times and he really showed his age at his 12th year. He was so playful and full of energy! To the very day he died, he had just finished the day playing. We put him outside to use the restroom and when he came in he just collapsed. He passed away in my arms. In tears now - only one year later - I must say I love you always Tuffy!!!!! We have another JRT now named Buddy. Very hiper. We'll soon to see if he will be in our hearts like Tuffy :)

Joanna & family Florida

Posted July 20, 2000

Dottie Mae

Dottie Mae was the love of our life. She was our first Jack Russell. We got her from our friend when she was 3 months old. My little boy, Corey, loved her with all his heart. They were always outside playing and she loved to be pulled in the wagon.

Wherever you saw corey, Dottie Mae was there with him They were best buddies. We lost Dottie on February 25, 2000 and she was only 4 years old. Speeding cars are not forgiving.

If people only knew how special our pets are, maybe they would be more careful.

My entire family is still sad, especiall Corey. This has been a terrible tragedy for a 9 year old to try and comprehend.

God bless you Dottie, we love and miss you every waking day.

Corey, Jeannie and Reggie Benford

Posted July 20, 2000

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean was a gift. He was a runt of his litter, so he was given to me because it was thought that no one would want him. It turned out that he was the cutest one of the bunch and several people who came to look at his littermates wanted to buy HIM. But I said no, I wanted to keep him.

Mr. Bean wanted nothing more out of life than to be with me. He loved to jump things and we always joked about the perfect six meter circles that he ran. He was an excellent "car dog". My truck is still filled with little white doggy hairs all over the passenger side floor.

Mr. Bean was very clever. He figured out how to push the chair out in the barn office, jump up, jump to first desk, jump to second desk, and eat the catfood. One day while I was in the shower he managed to jump up on the kitchen counter and make a real mess!!!

This 14 pound dog, this little bundle of energy, started having seizures at the beginning of this year. He would go a month and start having "cluster seizures" - one after another, after another, after another.....and each time I brought him to the vet. He was drugged with valium to let his brain rest, and a few days later he would slowly wake up and be as good as new, as if nothing had happened. We tried many remedies to help him..phene-barb, valium, primidone.

On the morning of June 2nd, Mr. Bean passed away. Turns out he had an aneurism. Luckily he was "asleep" when it happened. Regretfully I was not there when he died at the vet's office.

Mr. bean was my best friend and companion. I miss him very much. There will never be a dog as wonderful as Mr. Bean.

This is in memory of Mr. Bean, my little Bean, the Beab. I'll see you at the rainbow, don't worry, I'll be there.


Posted July 20, 2000


On Tuesday morning we lost out little precious Scarlet. She was an unusual Jack Russell because she had longer, more dainty legs than normal. She was all white except for her ears. She was born on Thanksgiving Day, 1998 and we got her at the end of December, 1998. She became one of the family, and went with us on vacations, or out driving.

She used to torment our Irish Setter, who is an outside dog. When he was in the house and we would tell him to go outside, she would bark and chase him all the way out the door.

Scarlet had a wonderful personality. She loved to chase toys and bring them back to you. She would set the toy down and sit back, and when you reached for it she would snap it back up to tease you.

She loved to cuddle and usually slept under the covers. If you touched her during the night she would sometimes growl, like "don't disturb me"

After one of us would come home, she would always wait by the front door looking out until the other one arrived, and of course warmly greet us. When we would hug, she often would want to be picked up to get "hugs and kisses" too.

I had dogs all the time I was growing up. All of them lived to a ripe old age, which makes it easier to say goodby. Poor little Scarlet had a bad habit of eating things she wasn't supposed to, and last Thursday she got into the bathroom trash during the day and apparently ate some tampons which lodged in her stomach. She finally had surgery on Monday morning, and the vet said unfortunately some of the material had formed a linear appendage into her intestine and perforated it. He did the best he could I am sure. We saw her Monday evening for the last time, and she was in a lot of pain. He said the first 24 hours would be critical because the intestine leakage was toxic and she would have to overcome it. When I went back to see her Tuesday morning I got the sad news that she had died sometime between 3 and 7 that morning.

My fiance and I have cried about once an hour since then, and the grief seems unbearable. I never thought I would be so attached to a pet, but she was just like a child to us.

We will never forget her.

David and Lea Ann
Oklahoma City

Posted July 20, 2000


After a very rough start I adopted Winkers from a family with no time and young children. He was a tough cookie from the start. He'd destroy everything, was not housebroken, bit everyone (even me), but gave the best hugs in the world.

Winkers was my carriage dog and rode with me whether it was on a horse-drawn carriage or in later years a golf cart (which was his golf cart ofcourse!) He went to all the Horse shows, had tons of frequent flyer miles, and was a favorite attendee of Carriage auctions. My favorite was taking a Sunday afternoon nap together, he would snuggle under the covers with me.

While this short list just seems short...he was the best Jack I could ask for!

The last few months, Winkers age of 15 or 16 was becoming apparent. His eyesight was failing, hearing almost gone, and his hind quarters grew weaker, Last Sunday (Fathers Day) , Winkers looked into my eyes and told me it was time. Fortunately I have a wonderful vet who came to the Farm. I held him in my arms and gave him a big hug for the last time.... We buried him next to his Labrador friends, Coffee and Cream.

Even though Winkers kept my husband and I leashed, we will miss him dearly.

A sad farewell to a wonderfully good friend! I hope to see you again!

Posted July 20, 2000


Cosmo was my little buddy. I got him 3 years ago as a college graduation gift from some very dear friends. He was a perfect little "live wire" He learned to anticipate my every move, it was more like he taught me to care for him. He slept with me, would run to the bathroom and jump in the shower when I would say "taking a shower" He ate breakfast with me (he had his own food.) He was my best buddy. On 5/24 I had surgery on my arm and was home from then unti 5/31/00 and he stayed with me on my lap. On the morning of 5/31/00 I was preparing to return to work my right arm in a large bulky cast...and he somehow managed to escape, his one weakness was squirrell chasing, he usually chased them a little ways and then came back, because I couldn't chase him on foot I got in the jeep and drove up the street..he never went far. When he saw the jeep he always jumped right in...well this morning he had gotten across the busy road and I was on the wrong side and a car sruck and killed him right in front of me...that was wed 5/31 at 8:30 in the morning. My life has been absolutely awful since then. I carried him home and bured him on the hill he loved to play on ....with a bench for me to sit by him. I have never cried so much in my life. A part of me is gone forever. I don't know what to do.

On Saturday June 3rd a patient of mine ( I am a home health nurse) called to say she was ill and I needed to make a visit. I went out to see her and while I was there she asked me to take a stray dog that had been hanging around her yard since Wed 5/31 up to the pound for her (she did not know of Cosmo's fate) I agreed and stepped outside to get the dog to find a JRT ....I brought him home, and although he cannot ever replace Cosmo he is helpping me cope and I am helping him until his owner can be found.....I notitifed the humane society and shelter.

Cosmo will be forever missed and forever in my heart.

Posted July 20, 2000


We lost our little beloved Sam on May 30th. He came to us not as puppy, but a dog found on the freeway almost hit by a car. I picked him up, not knowing what kind of breed he was or what his personality was like. In fact the first week he was with us, I tried to give him away to anybody I could. After 7 days I was sold, this animal was one of the sweetest dogs I had ever known.

I picked him up March, 13th 1996, and had him 4 years, four of the most joyful years of my life. Sam was a kind animal, not having a bad bone in his little body. He loved all the children we met on our long walks at the park There was never a person he met he did not like. Kids gave him lots of hugs and he loved them back.

My Dear Sam, you will be greatly missed, our home is not the same and our hearts are breaking. Your presence was not with us long enough. We miss you very much and loved you dearly.

Love you in death as much in life,
Gale and Greg

Posted July 20, 2000


Our Jack, aptly named Jack, had to be euthanized this past month. He was a rescued Jack that we had been the proud owners of for 5 years. While his life started out a little rough, it ended with a loving family that truly loved him.

He was a loyal, true friend, and at times even a pain in the rear, but his affection always made up forget the "bad" times.

His love and affection was so unconditional- all he wanted was a lap and a dogger treat, or a pat on the head. No matter what mood we were in- he always brought out the laughter.

He roamed the fields and the halls, never stopping for anything- constant motion, unless he decided it was time for a nap or a treat. He was our shadow, our friend, our confidant. He knew more about me than any human alive!

Many people consider animals "just animals". I don't. Jack was never "just an animal" and he never will be. He was a real member for the family, a loving bundle of energy, a smile on a bad day. Jack was lots of things to us- but never "just" an anything. God did not make "just" an animal, my opinion.

Mary Kindred- keep up the work you do rescuing Jacks! You surely changed our life by introducing us to Jack and by allowing us to have the honor of raising and loving him!

Jack - this is to you, furball. Chase that big bunny and catch him! We love you.


Posted July 20, 2000


We lost a great friend in October of 1999. Cooper was three years old and full of life and fun. He loved to play with balls and would play with balls for hours. He liked water and would fetch balls, stones and sticks in the water. He would even dive to the bottom of a pond to retrieve a stick that had sunk. He was our best friend. He was hit by a car in front of our home. He was such an important part of our lives we will miss him greatly. The memories of all the great times we had with him will remain with us forever. We decided to get another JRT several months after his death. My husband and I found the breeder that had Cooper's father. His father was no longer alive, but they had many of his descendants and had been breeding JRT's for years. We purchased a puppy and waited for it to be born. In the meantime, a lady that works with my husband was involved in a rescue for dogs and was trying to find a home for a JRT that was about 4 months old. She was persistant and we decided to go look at him. Of course, we brought him home that day. We named him Murphy. He is a wonderful dog. Three months later our puppy was born and he is now 11 weeks old. His name is Buddy and looks very much like Cooper. Our house is again full of laughter and fun. Murphy and Buddy are helping to fill a void, but Cooper will remain in our hearts forever. We love you and miss you Cooper

Dan and Lynn Johnson

Posted May 15, 2000


My next door neighbors had a JRT that they were looking to give away. They just didn't have time to take care of her and she was only 7 months old. I took her from there hands and we bonded instantly. Her name was Daisy. I took her everywhere with me and she loved it. I took her for walks and she even slept with me every night. We always cuddled and played. We were a perfect match. Each day I grew more and more fond of her. For the last few days I felt very sad and lonely. Two days ago she got out of the front door and it was hard to catch her. This happened every once in a while, but I always caught her or she came back after a little running exercise. Well this time she didn't make it back. I was just starting to go after her when she was running across the main road a block away. A truck was going in excess of the speed limit and she just didn't look to see him coming. She was struck right then. I had to see it and my heart just collapsed. I couldn't do anything to save her, she died instantly. I only had her for 3 1/2 months, but she had become my best friend. She was very special and she even had a mark on her that was unique. Right on her neck was a heart-shaped spot. It has only been a few days I it is hard not to see her when I come home. I am hoping one day that I will find another JRT as sweet as she was that I can love just as much. She will always be in my heart and I will see her again someday.

Lindsey Dunham
Crescent City, CA

Posted May 15, 2000


Lily 9/11/95-4/21/00

We lost an integral member of our family on Good Friday. Lily was in the prime of her life, only 4 years old. We got her shortly after we were married, before we had children she was like our first child. We loved her so much and spoiled her without restraint and it was worth it. She had such a sensitive intuition about everything. I'll always miss her singing whenever we would say "I love you Lily". She was smart and crafty just as Jacks can be. She was a beauty as well pure white with the cutest speckled ears you have ever seen. I don"t know how my family will survive without her, the pain is so great. We will miss you Lily forever and never forget the love, joy and understanding you brought to us. You forever will have a special place in our hearts that no one pet or human can ever replace.

Posted May 15, 2000

Little B

"Always My Little Girl"

This is to inform all of those who knew "Little B", or Bailey, of her recent passing. She was killed by one of our other dogs in a fight on 4/20/00. We are unsure as to how it happened.

We do know she has touched many people in special ways, and will be missed in many ways indescribable. She was only 3 years old (21 human years). In those three years, she experienced much love, joy and companionship, as did I. Although she is "just an animal", she was a family member, a living entity which brought consistent laughter and excitement on a daily basis. No matter how difficult things were in the world, Bailey ALWAYS had the ability to make me laugh and smile.

She ALWAYS greeted me at the door, jumping up into my arms, and licking me on the face. Her favorite spot was my goatee. (Maybe it was food caught in my beard from a previous meal, or maybe she just loved me).

She ALWAYS caught the attention of others. My friends dubbed her as a "chick magnet."

She ALWAYS wanted to play. She had a tennis ball that seemed to find its way under the couch. Watching her thin white tail and little muscular butt waggle in the air while trying endlessly to dislodge the ball was always a hysterical sight. It happened every day.

She ALWAYS slept on the back of my couch, even though she knew she wasn't supposed to. Catching her in the act, and observing the "Oh, #*! I'm busted!" expression wash across her face was too damn cute; it was almost impossible to scold her.

She ALWAYS shed. Her little white hairs reminded me of her throughout the day.

She ALWAYS chewed her bone or fell gently asleep when I played Nintendo on the floor, while she settled on my back. She seemed to lift her head and block my view during crucial moments in the game just to say hi or give me a quick lick.

She ALWAYS loved to perform for others. Whether it was a simple "shake", a dance on her hind legs, or modeling for a national canine clothing distributor, she loved to show off.

She ALWAYS loved to chase the ducks. But to her dismay, those little legs were just a little too short, and couldn't quite get her there in time.

She ALWAYS liked to sleep in between my pillows on the weekends. Her white, smooth coat was camouflage in my white down comforter. Sometimes, only her black splotch on her left eye and the black freckles on her ears were the only things noticeable from a distance.

She ALWAYS loved her "Bailey Snacks".

She ALWAYS enjoyed children. A favorite at the park, Bailey would draw mothers and fathers and their young children over for a look-see and a present: a little wet willy, a.k.a. "ear kiss".

I don't know what I'll miss most about Little B. For three years, she created memory after memory after memory. There was never a dull moment. As a veterinarian's son, I've been around many different types of animals, and none have had such an emotional and profound effect on myself and others. People and books state how important it is not to compare animals to humans. They question whether animals have souls. I, for three wonderful years, had living proof that animals have souls and should be treated as humans. For the friendship, loyalty and trust they give and demand from you in return, is more than the friendship, loyalty, and trust of some humans.

This "little" letter has helped me with the healing process. I appreciate you taking the time to let me share my thoughts and feelings about Bailey.

She will ALWAYS be my little girl.


Posted May 15, 2000



It has been two days since my sweet little Bailey died. I have cried myself to sleep and every time I walk outside I look for her. I became owned by Bailey when I was at an Appaloosa horse show, the puppies were just 8 weeks old when we looked at them and already were little live wires. Bailey was the runt of the litter and the darkest tri-colored of them all, she was perhaps 20% white.

My trainer gave her to me as an early birthday present,it is a gift I will never be able to repay him for and I will never forget the impact that Bailey had on my life. She loved to ride with me at the horse shows,especially when we were showing English.

She would lay on the pommel and look around like a queen surveying her land. When I started showing Paints, she went everywhere - Georgia, Alabama and all over our home state of Florida. She loved to dig in the gardens for moles,she used to give them as presents on the front doorstep... she used to chew through steel enforced garden hoses... she thought that they were snakes that were going to hurt me. And when I had to put my show horse to sleep due to colic surgery complications 3 years ago it was Bailey that I held through the many nights of crying...but now I hold a pillow, because my Bailey is gone and my heart aches... She had lived a long and happy life, and I have all the memories and photos of her, being carried in my moms purse (that was her transportation when she wasn't up on the horse with me... she was so little) sleeping with me in the motel rooms and hogging two pillows even though she was lucky if she was 9 inches high.... our runs around the block,there wasn't a squirrel in our yard that didn't fear her and now the squirrels already have begun to come to the ground to eat the blooms off the flowers.. I couldn't see my life without a JRT, and I know I am going to have to take time to heal.... but when the time is right, I will be owned by another JRT.

Goodbye my sweet little Bailey, I love you and will never forget you.

Posted May 15, 2000


I'm glad I found this forum. We all love our JRTs and that's all that matters. I just lost my little girl, Annie, who was seven. Those new to JRTs must be careful to check your fences every week. I did and Annie still found a way out, and the inevitable happened. She got out to chase a squirrel, and I guess she started looking for me, because she was coming back when she got hit. Irony is, I had just replaced the fence. Not only that, but she picked the hard way out, a hole with thick wire over it to let the water drain. Just yesterday, I found daylight under the fence in another place that if Annie had seen it, it would have taken her all of 2 minutes to get out.

I had to go pick her up after a driver/ witness saw my ad in the paper and called to tell me where she was.

I did all the right things, trained her well starting at 8 weeks, she came, stayed and sat on command. She always brought the ball back, chased squirrels, HATED cats (good dog! but don't touch!) and most of all loved me, my wife, and two small kids (3 yrs and 20 months). She put up with all kinds of abuse from the kids, and gave 100s of licks in return, or if it was too much just walked away. Never, ever did she growl or show her teeth to the kids. Sometimes she did to my wife, but that was a girl thing they had between them, competing for status.

Well, there's going to be a cold spot on my bed and empty place in my heart for a long, long time. I probably won't get another JRT until I quit feeling so depressed, but I'll be looking sooner or later. Thanks for reading this post, and putting up with my misery. And thank you Annie for being such a good dog and giving me 7 years of unmitigated joy.

Todd Wyatt Deatherage

Posted May 15, 2000


Buster and Sofie came to me in June of 1999. I had just put my beloved Pinki, she was a dachshund, to sleep in April and wasn't sure I wanted to go through that ever again. She was sick for 6 years with a rare inflammatory brain disease. I kept looking at that empty space on the floor where she used to lay and decided I just had to get another puppy. I went to a breeder to look at a litter of four week old Jack Russell puppies and picked out Buster, but after I left I just couldn't stop thinking about the little runt girl puppy. Later that week I called up the breeder and asked him to save them both for me. I thought they could keep each other company and it would be fun to watch them play. I always walked them on a leash, one of those split kind, so that they could walk together. But when I took them to the park I would let them off so they could play in the grass. Where I live in Los Angeles we don't have a real yard, just a dog run that I had built for them.

In March of this year I took a little trip to San Francisco. I had taken them with me once before and they had a really good time because you can take dogs on the beach and there are lots of parks for them to play. I had been there for about four days taking them everywhere with me, but in my friend's house I kept them in a pen so they wouldn't chase their cats. At 7:30 one morning I took them to the park down the street so they could play and do their thing. Once I got to the park I took them off the leash. Way off in the distance I could see this trash truck coming down the path in the park. I turned around to pick up the poop and the truck was suddenly way to close. I called the dogs to me and they came. I was hooking the leash on Buster and Sofie was standing right next to me when the trash truck came up right next to me about 3 or 4 feet away. It suddenly made this terrible crashing sound. Sofie looked at me and turned around like a spooked horse and bolted into the street and was hit. I feel like it was my fault because I should have had the leash on her, but if that terrible sound hadn't happened I believe she would still be here with me. I ran into the street with Buster in my arms getting hit myself, but I was too late. I think she died instantly. I was standing in the middle of the street screaming and no one even came to my aid, not even the guy in the truck who caused the accident. I ran screaming to my friend's house and they called a cab to take us to the vet, but just as I thought, it was too late.

I loved my little Sofie so much and so did her brother. Now he is alone. She was such a darling, funny tiny little character. I have so many pictures of the two of them together. I feel like my life will never be the same. The breeder offered me another dog because he felt so bad about what happened, but I decided I would let Buster decide for himself what he would like. I trust that he can do that.

I never thought I would be going through another grief so soon after the loss of my Pinky, but we never know what the world has in store for us. I guess we have to make every day count, because no matter how young they are, or how safe you try to keep them sometimes it just isn't enough. One thing is for sure, I will never trust my dog off leash unless it is in an enclosed space. I just hope my Pinky came to meet my Sofie at the Rainbow Bridge, because she isn't used to being alone. I will love and miss you always Sofie, until the day I die.

Los Angeles, CA

Posted May 15, 2000


We had are little Daisy for a year when she was tragically taken from us by a speeding car in front of our house. It was the worst day of my life. Daisy was our little baby and was so sweet and brought so much joy to our lives. We miss her spirit and her energy. She went with us where ever we went and especially loved to go in the vehicles with us. She loved to play fetch with our golden lab and torment him for the stick. We will never forget you Daisy and we know that you are at the Rainbow Bridge running and playing. One day we will see that sweet little face and have you come running to us jumping in to our arms and demanding a hug like you always did. We love you Daisy.

The Fuerst Family

Posted May 15, 2000


Chula was our Jack Russell Terrier. She was just 7 years old when we had to put her down. She became ill after her yearly vaccinations and within a two week period she digressed into tremors and was diagnosed with liver and pancreatic disease. She was the light of our lives and we loved her dearly. Our son is missing her terribly and so am I. These wonderful little dogs take hold of your heart and won't let go.

We know God is watching over her and we send our love. Mom and Austin....

Posted May 15, 2000


I was lucky enough to have Ms. Puppy take care of me for 11-1/2 years. She sent me to work daily and met me nightly at the door. Once home she never left my side day or night. She was my best friend.

But, her great little heart developed problems and she would pass out and have to have CPR and Mouth to Mouth resusitation to bring her around. Her local Veterinarian sent us to Auburn University Veterinary School where the wonderful Doctors, students and staff tried for 6 months and 13 visits to keep my brave Ms. Puppy alive; but. 18 September 1998 we lost the fight and my best friend is at the "Rainbow Bridge" waiting for me as she did every day of her life.

It is my hope to be worthy enough to meet her at the Rainbow Bridge. And again be able to hold her. I miss her so!

Posted February 19, 2000


Elvis was adopted 5/95 by is loving parents. We drove to Apple Valley to a JRTCA breeder take him home. He was unique in markings, white with brown ears and a brown spot on his back. I enjoyed every moment spent with Elvis, from playing to just relaxing. Elvis was truly my best friend around the house. He was extremely well mannered and only had a slight forceful licking/kissing fixation. If I could only have a kiss today, I wouldn't have to write this. 11/99 Elvis stopped eating his daily meals and began to vomit whenever he did eat. shortly afterward he was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease the very same day he crashed and had to be revived. Medication was a short fix but his own system could not kick the disease. My prayers were answered though and he was home for Christmas. He had a relapse in 1/99 and again more medication was added. Elvis really seemed to be improving. Then on 02/15/00 Elvis passed away. I will forever miss my boy, Elvis, he was one of a kind.

Posted February 19, 2000


Almost three years ago my mother had to put down her JRT companion of 17 years, his name was Jack the Zipper or as we called him Zippy. This little dog with a huge heart was a gift to my mother many years ago and he introduced us to the unique wonder of owning a JRT - we will never be without one now. The Christmas after we lost him, my boyfriend bought my mother another little boy. Even though he was given to my mom, he became my baby. We struggled to find a name for him, but nothing seemed to fit or roll just right off the tongue. We finally settled on Wart (short for Mugwort) as a temporary name until we could choose a "real" name for him. He never made it to that point. On February 4, 1998, one of our horses accidentally hit Wart in the head when he raised his hoof and killed him. A small part of me died along with him that day and I was inconsolable for weeks. That March, my mother told me that she was going to look at some puppies that were advertised in the paper. I knew it was too soon for me but I went with her because when the time came, I wanted to choose my new puppy. I know the breeder who owns Wart's father and was hoping to be able to get a half-brother of his. We went to see the puppies in the paper, but they were nothing like him so it didn't bother me. She then suggested that we go see the breeder since she was not too far away from where we already were. We went wandering through her kennels as I cried and then I spotted the boy who was going to help heal the wound in my heart. Solan is Wart's half brother and has a round, black spot on his back like Wishbone's (and like the two females we already had). I held him in my arms that day and haven't let go since. While he will never replace Wart (I still wonder what he would be like all grown up), Solan has definitely become my heart and soul. I think that due to the circumstances in which I obtained him, I bonded with him on a whole different level than I have ever experienced with my dogs before and I'm sure I will never experience this again. It is my sincerest wish for all JRT owners that they never have to experience the pain that my mother and I went through when Wart died, but only the love.

Wendy Lovas

Posted February 19, 2000



Today my husband and I had to say good-bye to our Friend and Companion, Jester. I will never, EVER forget this Valentines Day.

When my husband Jason and I talked about what to get each other that first Christmas we'd spend as man and wife, we both knew right away what we wanted. We had bought a house the month before we were married, so now we could finally get what we'd been denied for so long, a dog. I had grown up with a Maltese and Jason had grown up with a Miniature Dachshund, but we both knew after very little research that a Jack Russell Terrier was the dog for both of us. We found a wonderful breeder named Kathy who raised Jack Russell's on her farm about an hour outside of the Twin-Cites.

We knew right away after visiting her dogs that we wanted one sired by Bandit. Bandit was by far the coolest looking dog in the joint, with an outgoing attitude to boot. Brandy was due to give birth to a litter in November. Jason and I were both on pins and needles hoping the litter would be big enough so that we could have a pick. Sure enough the call came one cold November day, Brandy had her litter and if we wanted a puppy we needed to pick him out that day. I will always remember the sight of our little Jester being held in the palm of Kathy's gentle hand so that we could get a good peek at him. It was love at first sight.

The next couple of months flew by while we puppy-proofed the house and picked a name for our new family member. After suggesting Duke or Prince for our boy, I finally had the idea of a court jester pop into my head, and the rest was history. We spent a number of Sundays making the hour-long drive to the farm to visit Jester and to check on his progress. It was amazing to see the growth spurts he and his siblings were going through. Plus, it was the cutest thing in the world to see him playing with his brothers and sisters.

Finally in Jan 1997 we got to bring our 8-week-old Jester home. It was no easy task trying to potty train a dog in Minnesota in the middle of winter. I remember Jason digging out a small area at the end of the deck for him to use. He was so tiny, and it was a bitterly cold January and February. I remember him shivering in his homemade "coat". Jason had taken one of his old short athletic socks and cut holes out for Jesters head and legs. I wish I had a picture of him in that coat, it sure didn't take him long to grow out of it.

As Jester got older, he never was one to linger out in the cold too long, and he definitely hated rain. It was almost a game for him, to see how long he could hold his bladder before having to finally give up to go outside and get wet. He may have been a bit "prissy" as my husband was fond of saying, but Jester had the biggest heart and more personality than in any dog I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. That even includes Zipper, his cousin we brought home 10 months after we brought Jester home. Don't get me wrong, I love Zipper enormously, but there was always this special twinkle in Jester's eyes that I will never forget.

My mother was fond of saying Jester had springs for legs, and boy was that the truth. Jason encouraged him to jump into his arms whenever he came home, so that became Jester's trademark. If he liked you (and he liked everyone) he would fling himself into your arms as a greeting; all he needed was two open arms. He even surprised our vet one day. I'm sure the Dr. was used to getting a very different greeting from most other dogs. I would go on, but there are just not enough words in the language to describe the kind of loving, faithful, and giving companion that he was.

A few weeks ago, Jester lost his appetite one day and was very sluggish. I was worried, but the next day he was his normal barking, jumping, and licking self. I wrote the episode off to a doggy-cold. About a week later, the same thing happened, but then the next day he was fine again. I was a bit concerned, but since he didn't have any symptoms to show the vet, I figured everything must be fine. Then this Saturday, Jason noticed a lump when he pressed on the area underneath his rib cage. He called and got him an appointment for Monday afternoon. Sunday Jester got up, had his breakfast, and even played with Zipper for awhile. Jason and I ran some errands and came home. In the few hours we had been gone, Jester had taken a turn for the worse. He was lethargic and had no appetite. He didn't even move off of the couch where he was cuddling with me when he heard Jason give Zipper his dinner. There was also another problem; the lump we had found only the day before was now protruding out the side of his belly. We decided I would bring him into the vet right away Monday morning, and not wait for the appointment later that day.

Jester lay in our bed Sunday night like he always did, but he didn't sleep at all. His breath was labored and he had his eyes open all night. I finally drifted off to sleep at about 1:00 a.m., but I was fighting it until the last minute because I was so afraid he wasn't going to make it through the night.

Monday morning, Valentines Day, Jester got up and ate a bit of breakfast. He was a little droopy, but nothing like the day before. My hope soared. I felt that once I got him to the vet, they would be able to figure out what was wrong with him and make everything all right again. I really felt the goofy dog had probably swallowed something he shouldn't have and that they would remove it and he would be home in a day or two.

I dropped him off at the vet and the Dr. assured me they would take good care of him. I went to work still thinking everything would be ok. About an hour later the Dr called, the X-ray they had done showed a large mass in his abdomen. All she could tell from it was that the mass wasn't a foreign object. She gave me a number of options, and after failing to reach Jason because he was in a meeting at work, I made the decision to let the Dr. perform exploratory surgery. The surgery was scheduled for 3:30 that same day. At 4:00 I got a call from her college. The news he gave me left me numb.

Jester had a cancerous tumor the size of a man's fist inside of him. It was entwined with some major arteries and a large part of his intestines. There was no way for it to be removed. Even if we wanted to take him home, he would only have a week or two. I never even considered it. Just seeing him in pain for one day on Sunday was unbearable. Jason and I decided to have him sewn up, and then waken up a bit so that we could be with him when he left this world.

I'm not sure how I even made the drive home from work. I walked past my car by about 6 cars too many in the parking lot before I remembered where I had left it that morning. Jason met me at home and after a few minutes comforting each other, we set off for the vet.

I am so glad that we had a chance to say good bye to him. When the Dr. brought him into the room, his tail started wagging like crazy. The Dr. even choked up before she left to give us a few minutes with him. After kissing him a few last times on the head and telling him what a good boy he was, the Dr. came back into the room and gave him the fatal dose of medication. Jester died with both of us holding his head. It was peaceful and over in only a few seconds.

It seems so unfair, how could a dog that was only 3 years old have terminal cancer? I sit here wondering if there was anything we could have done to prevent it? I asked that the tumor be donated to science so that his passing wouldn't seem quite so point-less. She said she would be glad to remove it and send it to the University for testing. That has been one of only a very few comforts in this terrible tragedy. The Dr. said there was nothing that we had done wrong, that we had given him wonderful care in his short life. I'm still left asking why.

I know the hardest part is yet to come, when I have to leave the safe haven of my house, husband, and surviving dog to go back out into the world. The first time some one says, "he was just a dog" to me, I know it is going to feel like a knife being plunged into my heart. Jester wasn't just "a dog", he was a member of our family, and probably one of the few that actually gave TOTALLY unconditional love. I know I will have to grow a thicker skin and try to feel sorry for the person who utters the comment. Obviously, they have never experienced a warm kiss from a loving dog first thing in the morning. For about 1125 days, I was privileged enough to, and I promise myself never to forget it.

Good-bye Jester, until we meet again in a better place,
Your Loving mom,