Jack Russell Terrier Picture Caption Contest Results

The following are the results from our Picture Caption Contests for 2003.

Jack Russell Terrier Picture Caption Contest Results

Results from Contest # 50 [December 28, 2003 - 173 entries]

Contest #50 1st place Did Santa leave that present for you or me?  George
2nd place They found the hidden camera!!!!! Move in!!!! I repeat move in!!!!  col10
3rd place Maybe it'll look better if I just sorta...crane my neck this way...  Jaz
Honorable Mentions
  • Okay...who put the Pop-Tart in the DVD player?
  • Do we REALLY look like that...?
  • Hey look Fred......he's fallen down and he cant get up.
  • How does she get those tassels to spin in opposite directions??
  • He'll be coming' down the chimney any minute now!
  • You put your left side in. You put your right side out. And you shake it all about.
  • Now what did they leave in our bowl? I think its moving!
  • Can you repeat the question please?
  • Kitty. Who said get the kitty?
  • I think I tugged a little too hard.
  • Get your Jack and Jill bobble-heads TODAY!
  • Oooh look! Its eye follows you no matter how you turn your head.
  • Dude? Dude? Focus dude.
  • What is this O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E thing you speak of?
  • Here kitty, kitty, kitty...
  • Does it always make that funny noise?
  • Keep watching... he comes down this fire-thing every year and brings treats!
  • Nope, still looks crooked to me...
  • This was the last thing poor Herald saw before we lost connection with him.
  • Can you tell which one uses Sauve shampoo?
  • Did some one say lunch???

Results from Contest # 49 [December 21, 2003 - 203 entries]

Contest #49 1st place Generally loving creatures, the Jack Russell becomes enraged when it is referred to as "Eddie".  Anon
2nd place "Bark! The herald angels sing . . ."    Melissa
3rd place Silent night, holy night, all is calm....(well, almost calm).    1JRTowner
Honorable Mentions
  • "FIVE G-O-L-D-E-N RINGS" !!!
  • Great duets in history.
  • Tryout video for American Idol...
  • She loves me YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!
  • Oh, a hunting we will go, a hunting we will go, hi ho the derry-OOOOO!
  • ... and here's the "howl'o ula" chorus
  • ARR, Welcome to the Terriers of the Carribean!
  • Hark! The horrid Russells sing........
  • JRussic Park
  • I don't have the guts to tell her she's off key...
  • WE GOT HIM!!!!
  • "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...."
  • After too much eggnog some of our guests became party animals.
  • Jack and Jill go Christmas caroling.
  • Will they ever get us separated? I'm really sick of you!

Results from Contest # 48 [December 16, 2003 - 247 entries]

Contest #48 1st place Stay cool dude. I'll let you know if she's got an owner.  Fred
2nd place This here's my paw.  Jimbo
3rd place I wish I had a leg to stand on.  Camden
Honorable Mentions
  • I won't say who did it, but I will just point with my ear..
  • Ah, go on - have a shoe shine, just a dime!
  • Say hello to my little friend.
  • Please, step back Joe, I can handle this one on my own....
  • Last year I was this tall... this year I've grown a bit, but Billy's still taller than me.
  • Slowly....back away from my master and no one gets hurt.
  • He followed me home... Can I keep him, Mom? Pleeease? I've always wanted a human!
  • Hey Dad, how much longer do we have to wait in line for the bathroom?
  • Hold it right here, I saw her first.
  • Srike a pose -- vogue!
  • Lean on me, when you're not strong....
  • I see dead people.
  • Really....I can stop drinking anytime I want...jus don wanna....
  • It's easy to Sit/Stay when your standing on my tail........OWWWWWW
  • Every time I lift my left paw......my right ear sticks out.
  • I know, no fighting in obedience class, but you should see the other guy...2 black eyes.
  • Like mother like daughter.
  • I don't think you noticed but behind me is my bodyguard, Vinny.
  • I guess I am not going anywhere for awhile.
  • Me look sad? Sure, I'm gonna be spayed tomorrow!
  • Tell me again what you think of my ear Buster!, my buddy here wants to hear it.
  • Lean on Me, when you're not strong & I'll be your friend...
  • Take one more step and the shoe gets it

Results from Contest # 47 [December 7, 2003 - 255 entries]

Contest #47 1st place That's the biggest fire hydrant I've ever seen!  Kathy
2nd place Ahh, the power of cheese...  Sue
3rd place And they said Roswell never happened!  Susan
Honorable Mentions
  • Here birdie, birdie, birdie!
  • That cat's gotta come down sometime!
  • They say that if you look hard enough that there are animals in those clouds.
  • "Trust me. Bob says the geese do it all the time"
  • "Oh, that one looks like a bone!"
  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Who cares it's mine
  • Pick me, Pick me!
  • We never win the picture caption contest... Please pick us!
  • Daniel-san ... Karate here ... not here!
  • "You know im beginning to think they aren't coming back to take the picture...."
  • Why hot air ballons should not be shaped like dog treats.
  • Jack and Buddy Reporting for duty, Sir!
  • I pledge allegiance to the flag...........
  • We're supposed to go to ground, What are they doing up there?
  • I've got a witness.........we BOTH saw it!

Results from Contest # 46 [November 30, 2003 - 213 entries]

Contest #46 1st place Put me back in... I got spots.  Danny
2nd place Man's best friend meets woman's best friend.  Kris
3rd place Now do you get it? I AM the dishwasher!  anon
Honorable Mentions
  • Well, you won't let me lay on the couch!
  • SHUSH everbody! This is where we find out whodunnit!
  • Nothing is getting in here until I've licked it clean!
  • After cleaning all those dishes, Sparky had to take a 'breather'.
  • Why cant I get a bath like other dogs???
  • Aaahh, this should keep my tummy warm!
  • Home, home on the range...
  • You dont need this...I'm GREAT at cleaning plates!
  • I always wondered how the food got off the plates!
  • Sorry sir...but all dishes must go through final inspection first.
  • Bring on the Thanksgiving dishes!
  • Don't ask - you don't want to know.
  • I refuse to do any more dishes.
  • So this is what it feels like to be clean? I don't like it one bit!
  • I'm ready for pre-wash! Anything to Pre-Wash?
  • Why do *I* always have to do the dishes after Thankgiving dinner??
  • Why does this thing get to lick the plates, that should be my job.
  • Ok, so I lied, I gained a couple of pounds!
  • Whadya mean you found hairs in the soup bowls?
  • Hhmm, chewed the shoes, bit the cat, dug a hole, turned over the trash, now i'm bored.
  • I hate it when they get take out !!!
  • Mop the floors, wash the dishes...but I`ll never get to go to the ball.
  • Where do I insert the quarter?
  • Suds McKenzie.
  • I'm as lonely as the Maytag guy.

Results from Contest # 45 [November 23, 2003 - 189 entries]

Contest #45 1st place Suddenly Amy realized she wasn't like the other kids on her block.  col10
2nd place Excuse me sir, but what's top speed on this model?  Shaun
3rd place I'm too sexy for my bike.... I'm too sexy for my bows....   Ruth
Honorable Mentions
  • All I need is a leather jacket.
  • My Other bike is a Harley!
  • Puppy Cheesecake.
  • So, I was supposed to make a right at the fridge. . . ?
  • I feel pretty. Oh so pretty ...
  • Biker babe.
  • It's a Tri-Christmas: Tri-Jack and a Tri-cycle
  • Where are the fast bikes? The big bikes! And get these stinkin' bows off me!
  • No helmet, No Ride!
  • I wonder if I would be disqualified using this thing to race.
  • And that's when I fell for...the leader of the pack.
  • Well, it's the thought that counts.
  • Who ordered Meals on Wheels??
  • If I could fit this through the Go To Ground tunnel...
  • This is nice, but I was hoping for a pony.

Results from Contest # 44 [November 16, 2003 - 244 entries]

Contest #44 1st place House: $150,000 - Carpeting: $1,000 - Your terrier & your kid are the same height: Priceless  anon
2nd place How long are ya in for??  Amy
3rd place Yea, I'm potty trained, see that tree over there..  anon
Honorable Mentions
  • I smell pizza... two blocks away and getting closer as we speak! Thanks for dialing for me, Timmy.
  • Here she comes, you act cute, I'll play dumb and she'll never know who did it.
  • Time out sure is easier when it's with your best friend.
  • I thought they were calling for snow!!
  • Told ya not to dig that hole. The newspaper boy just disappeared in it.
  • See the fresh dirt, that's where I buried your other yellow slipper!
  • Ya know kid, one of these days this world wont look so BIG!!!!!!!
  • Dude? Where's my car?!!!
  • "When what to their wondering eyes should appear but a little old sleigh and 8 tiny Reindeer."
  • Hey little buddy, pretty soon we'll be chasing that squirrel together.
  • Did you see Dad's hair stand up when you plugged it back in?
  • The first day of Kindergarten is so scary!

Results from Contest # 43 [November 9, 2003 - 218 entries]

Contest #43 1st place I'm just a swinger, yeah baby!  angigo
2nd place Where do I insert the quarter?  Dawn
3rd place I don't think this Puppy Pants thing is gonna catch on.  Rutledge
Honorable Mentions
  • Do you really think I need a chasity belt this big?
  • My owners really think of me as their kid :)
  • Okay...I think it's time for the monkey bars next!!
  • These DEPENDS are so obvious!
  • Not quite as good as Disneyland.
  • Is this how the Sumo guys get started?
  • Swinging in the rain!
  • But mom.. all the other dogs don't have to use the baby swings.
  • Help!! I'm swinging and I can't get out!!!!!
  • Finally, the support I need.
  • Give me a really big push this time...I wanna lick the sky!
  • I'm just waiting for the wind to pick up.
  • Girls just want to have fun, Ohhh, Girls just want to have fun...
  • Dude! The guy at the gate told me this was an "E" ticket ride.
  • So, what's a cute pup like you doin' in a playground like this? Hey! Come back!
  • Jack was always thinking of new ways to impress the girls.
  • How do you start this thing??
  • I want my money back! - this aint going anywhere!

Results from Contest # 42 [November 2, 2003 - 285 entries]

Contest #42 1st place "Jester" Average JRT  Andy
2nd place NO ... we said send in the hounds not clowns  Danny
3rd place Jack - now available for children's parties, JRTCA Sanctioned Trials...  Terrier Treatz
Honorable Mentions
  • You are SO going to regret this when this is all over!
  • Guess what treat I am going to leave on your pillow!
  • You want to see something funny, just give me your slipper...
  • Does this make me look fat?
  • Whadda ya mean Halloween was yesterday?
  • You might laugh, but my balloon animals are the best!
  • Did anyone read the book "IT"?
  • Dang! I thought earning a bronze medallion would get me out of this humiliation.
  • My mommy dresses me funny.
  • I despise Halloween.
  • I'm the real Jack. That other guys just a clown.
  • And this is the day they pushed him a little too far....
  • Russell never understood why he couldn't get a date to the prom.
  • Ever see the horror flick where the circus clown starts killing people? uh huh...keep on laughing.
  • After being neutered, Jack didn't care about his pride anymore.
  • " Trick or Treat"
  • Jack Russell as Pennywise the Clown
  • Never bite a clown...they explode and stuff gets all over you.
  • When clowns go bad!
  • No, Halloween is not a very good answer.
  • Hey, wanna see some fun? Watch the catchers after my next race.

Results from Contest # 41 [October 25, 2003 - 341 entries]

Contest #41 1st place Typical Dog & Pony Show  Rebecca
2nd place Litter mates very often take on different qualities, such as prick ears and height differences.  Ken
3rd place When does my quarter run out?  Nina
Honorable Mentions
  • I'm English, we ride side saddle
  • Where do I insert the quarter?
  • One more minute of this and I'll show you a dog and pony show!
  • What good is a saddle horn when you dont have thumbs?
  • Hi ho Silver...... AWAY!!!!!
  • On top of old Pony...
  • On what planet is this supposed to be fun?
  • got this one broke, who next?
  • Boy, this is the last time I ask for pony rides at my birthday party!
  • Seabiscuit your not!
  • Closed course, professional rider.
  • I was too sexy for my car and I got this.
  • So, do you do gtg too???
  • I am faster than this on foot.
  • OH yea, right .... make me look like a circus freak in front of my friends.
  • Owww...my flanks are chapped.
  • Have a great neigh.
  • "The British are coming, the British are coming!"
  • Hey Jack, kill anything today?.... day ainít over yet.
  • This looked easier in the brochure.
  • I am never using that rental car company again.
  • I am sorry they go as a pair
  • Now this is a walkie!!!
  • Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, keep this pony movin
  • Oh give me a bone, where the buffalo roam!
  • "Ride hard Aragorn!!!" "Dude...get off me, this is colorado, not middle earth"
  • I know you said this relationship would work out but I have some concerns
  • How do you start this thing?
  • Yes, I'm Mr. Ed but that dog is so not Wilbur.

Results from Contest # 40 [October 12, 2003 - 274 entries]

Contest #40 1st place Honey, I shrank one of the dogs!  JAG
2nd place Oh no! It's my PARENTS!! They're home early!!  Dee
3rd place Dirt is our natural color; if you want clean, get a poodle.  Chester
Honorable Mentions
  • We got conned! - no cats in here.
  • Just wait you'll see...she'll be back with tomato juice !
  • Ma! He's making those noises with the bubbles again!!
  • Can you believe it, Jack? We smell like flowers again.
  • No, Dad, "Head & Shoulders" is for humans, we use "Head & Withers!"
  • Rub-a-dub-dub, Two Jacks in a tub...
  • He did it...
  • OK, no more chasing the black cat with the stripe down its back!
  • You are not spiking my hair for halloween!
  • "Don't worry...they will pay dearly for this"
  • Don't just stand there, hand me a towel!!!
  • "Why do I always get the deep end?"
  • Say Hello to My Little Friend...
  • Which one of us looks more guilty?
  • You really shouldn't leave us alone in here, Scooter turned the water yellow.
  • Never in my life have I been so humiliated.

Results from Contest # 39 [October 6, 2003 - 337 entries]

Contest #39 1st place Ahhh, left the crate open, such fools. Where's the remote?  Tanya
2nd place I swear I ate "that many" crabs at the trial -- just look at my tummy!  DelMarVa Trial fan
3rd place Okay, next time I wont eat so much, just help me roll over please.  Juliette
Honorable Mentions
  • Touchdown! Woo hoo!
  • Look! No tan lines!
  • It's amazing what you find between the cushions in your couch!
  • Chunky but Funky!
  • Clap on, Clap off!!!!
  • Vote for me for governor, my abs are much better than Arnold's.
  • Well, do you want me to hold your bunch of yarn or what?!?!
  • I'm all ready for a night of reality TV
  • "I love this song - Y-M-C-A"
  • Hug me! You know you want to.....
  • True Grit Centerfold - Mr. October.
  • Hey, can someone get me a pina colada?
  • Ok, you may rub the royal tummy now.
  • Help I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!
  • And you thought your life was rough!

Results from Contest # 38 [September 29, 2003 - 265 entries]

Contest #38 1st place Listen mister, I've seen Lassie and YOU are no Lassie.  Kris
2nd place This is where you go? While I'm in that cramped little box with 6 new puppies!!! You JERK!!  Kari
3rd place Come on in, Ben, I think the paparazzi have all gone.  Carol
Honorable Mentions
  • Hey, I heard there was a new squirrel in the yard. Do you want to go terrorize it?
  • Not tonight, darling, I have a headache...
  • What did I tell you about eating from the garbage?!
  • How can you sleep when there are birds all OVER the place out there?
  • what do you mean you've fallen and can't get up
  • Come on. Its time for school.
  • Take me you fool!
  • I told you not to drink the toilet water!
  • Harold resorts to begging.
  • And there I was standing over my lifeless body...
  • Dude. How embarrassing! You lay like a cat!
  • So, did he come...are our stockings filled?
  • "I never should have ordered that last Cuba Libre"
  • YES as a matter of fact I am very comfortable
  • Did they change your food, too?
  • And Jack looks on patiently, as Jill tests yet another dog bed.
  • Not tonight, I'm dog tired.
  • Five more minutes, dear, and then maybe some kibble over easy with a side of bacon?
  • Waiter..there seems to be a dog in my bed!!

Results from Contest # 37 [September 21, 2003 - 214 entries]

Contest #37 1st place I'm new in town, please bear with me.  Al
2nd place Hey, guys, don't you think its hard to nurse from mom...guys...are you listening??  Joe
3rd place Skippy suddenly realizes he was different from the rest of the family.  anon
Honorable Mentions
  • Finally found something with a bigger pot belly than me.
  • Can't shake this crazy suspicion that I'm adopted.
  • Man, I hope you guys aren't standard.
  • Mom, tell me some more about Dad...
  • Mom said that i was a bear to deliver.
  • If I sit really still, they won't know which one of us did it.
  • Psst! you see my little brother over there? He's the cookie jar.
  • I think I need a bear hug.
  • I'm hearing voices in my head again .
  • And I thought MY head was huge!!! Haaaaa!
  • All right guys...from what I see we've gotta hit the treadmill more often.
  • Oops... wrong litter.

Results from Contest # 36 [September 14, 2003 - 194 entries]

Contest #36 1st place And the guy says to the bartender, What cat? AAAhahahahaha!  Angie
2nd place Quick, show them your hissing cat impression.  TP
3rd place Kareoke night at the Jack's Bar.  Erin
Honorable Mentions
  • She's a little bit Country, he's a little bit Rock-n-Roll.
  • This week on Fear Factor . . .
  • A Tic Tac wouldn't hurt!!
  • "Stop it! I'm gonna pee!"
  • Aaooohh!! Werewolves of London!
  • We see dead people...
  • Good Russels gone bad!
  • Jeepers Creepers... Where's ya get those peepers?
  • "I've got you and I, I won't let go...I've got you to love me so....I've got you babe"
  • "she loves you....yeah, yeah, yeahhhh! "
  • Feed me, Seymour! Feed me!
  • I told you not to get jalapenos on that pizza!!
  • "... and long may she wave - o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!"
  • Bacon!

Results from Contest # 35 [September 7, 2003 - 181 entries]

Contest #35 1st place Maybe we should tell her that she put the baby in the crate again.  Joe
2nd place You want to see my license and registration?  Owen's Mom
3rd place The Dingos ate my baby!  Jules
Honorable Mentions
  • Give us the cookie or we're getting out
  • Moooom...he was touching me! !
  • Think she'll take us out this time before she folds it again?
  • Baby? What baby? We didn't see a baby.
  • A breeders final try at getting rid of the last 2 of a bad litter
  • How Embarassing, I sure hope the neighbourhood dogs don't see us.
  • Oh no, here comes the kid with the dolls' clothes. Run!!!
  • Kiss me Mr. President!
  • The Olson twins disguised as Jack Russells in their latest WB adventure, "You don't know Jack."
  • Excuse me, Sir, but could you give us a push down that big hill towards that cat.
  • It's a dog's life...
  • Double your pleasure, double your fun . . .

Results from Contest # 34 [August 31, 2003 - 240 entries]

Contest #34 1st place What do you mean, you have the full outfit?  Cathy
2nd place I'm Senor Jack...your blind date.  Pepe
3rd place You mean I wasn't supposed to eat the worm??!!  JLA
Honorable Mentions
  • Si' Senor I turn down bed for you!
  • My name is Juan Valdez, I grow the world's best coffee beans.
  • Yo Quiero Taco Bell.
  • Combination number 3 please.
  • We dont need no stinking dog tags!
  • This hat says it all! Glamor, sophistication,style....guts.
  • The things I go through for a free meal at Taco Bell!
  • Does this hat make me look like a tourist??
  • Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard!
  • Drop the chalupa!
  • Please dont let anyone see me like this.
  • I'm too sexy for my hat, too sexy for my hat, too sexy !
  • Hola, my name is Pancho. I will be your waiter tonight.
  • My owners like to play dress up with me.
  • Let me tell you about my vacation in Mexico

Results from Contest # 33 [August 24, 2003 - 222 entries]

Contest #33 1st place Take Me To Your Alpha-Female.  Whiskey Pete
2nd place I'm the local meat inspector...please bring all your steaks to me immediately!  Merlin
3rd place Licensed to kill gophers by the government of the United Nations.  Dan
Honorable Mentions
  • Can You Hear Me Now??
  • I can't hear you now!
  • OK Red Baron clear to taxi.
  • Sparky takes his fly ball competition VERY seriously!
  • Ear Protection $15, Eye Protection $10, Being able to enjoy a hurdles race...PRICELESS
  • Gordon, do you copy that?
  • "Safety is the basis for all quality stud service."
  • Ground Control to Major Tom....
  • I can see clearly now, the ring is gone.....
  • The ultimate in flea control!
  • Flyball after OSHA had their way with it!
  • Roger that good buddy. Ball in a tree. I'm going in.
  • It's in case that noisy rat spits at me again when I do go-to-ground.
  • 10-4... I have the bunny in my sights.
  • Houston, I think we have a problem here!
  • What's so funny? I wear this to all the Baer and Cerf Clinics.
  • As long as I don't end up on the caption contest page, then I'll wear it.

Results from Contest # 32 [August 17, 2003 - 360 entries]

Contest #32 1st place If I start to drool, nudge me!  JaS
2nd place Man, I knew I shouldn't have drank from that toilet.  LaKenya
3rd place It looked like a dog treat, but tasted like "L".  Stan
Honorable Mentions
  • Is this why they call it a "bored" game?
  • Man this guy takes forever! Wake me when it's my turn.
  • How long does it take to spell D-O-G?
  • I think somebody spiked my milk.
  • Scrabble... the natural way to get a good night's sleep!
  • Awww Man! Just my luck! All "Q's" and "X's"!
  • Escaping the blah, blah, blah....priceless
  • This wouldn't be so boring if I could read or spell!
  • I shouldn't have chewed and swallowed the "S".
  • Doesn't this game involve jumping at ALL?!?!
  • Scruffy lulls his opponents into a false sense of security!
  • I can beat you guys with my eyes closed!
  • S L E E P
  • Playing this game with Spooky and Ohlucy is so boring!
  • Zzzzzz....Book Worm is so much more exciting!
  • Gee, I thought they said Scrapple not scrabble.
  • D-E-A-D-D-O-G that will use all my tiles
  • Hello! Can you spell "time limit"?!
  • "WHAZZUP" is not a word! I'm challenging!

Results from Contest # 31 [August 3, 2003 - 236 entries]

Contest #31 1st place I told you this was a scary movie.  Lisa
2nd place Watch!...when the priest comes in the room, I'll make my head spin around.  DB
3rd place Ever get that feeling someone was looking over your shoulder?  Andy
Honorable Mentions
  • I vant to suck your blood.....
  • And this is what she looked like when I told her I wasn't fixed !
  • New this fall on FOX! Buffy, the Vampire-Dog Slayer!
  • "Check out my gargoyle impression!!"
  • I need my Ritalin now mommy.....
  • They heard JRT's were little demons, but this was getting scary!
  • Green-eyed lady, lovely lady...
  • I'm getting very sleepy, very sleepy and when I wake up I'll look at this picture and scream!
  • Is it time for our midnight feeding, Master?
  • Hello, my name is Dr. Bruce Banner.....get ready to see GREEN!
  • Probably another Blair Witch thing....
  • Superstar!!!!!!
  • No Food or Water after Midnight!!!!
  • Fluffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Oh yeah, baby...that sounds groovy.
  • "I'm a super-freak, super-freak, I'm super-freaky!"
  • .....and I gave the cat this face and the hairball came right out!
  • Kiss me you fool!

Results from Contest # 30 [July 27, 2003 - 240 entries]

Contest #30 1st place You're not playing by the rules! Didn't anyone tell you you're supposed to go UNDER ground?  Maddy
2nd place "'aint no mountain high enough...."  Ashley
3rd place Say goodbye to one of your nine lives, buddy!  Lisa
Honorable Mentions
  • Here kitty kitty kitty.
  • No really... I AM a fireman!
  • Cat: Were did I put my Jack Russell Terriers for Dummies book!
  • Oh Romeo, Romeo. Where for art thou, Romeo?
  • Appears in Websters next to "Mexican stand-off"
  • I must be dreaming, this kind of luck never happens to me.
  • Don't worry Pal....if you fall, I'll be here to CATCH you. That's what friends are for, RIGHT?!
  • Hey this is my post I already pee'd on it!
  • No, really, Henry. There is a tick on your head.
  • Jump!! I'll catch you!
  • Don't do it kid...you've got everything to live for!
  • I tawt I taw a putty-tat... I did! I did!
  • Is there room up there for both of us?
  • So near and yet so far away ...
  • They told me to leave skunks alone but they didn't say anything about polecats.

Results from Contest # 29 [July 21, 2003 - 304 entries]

Contest #29 1st place The force is strong with this one!  Joe
2nd place Handwash only.  Terrierluv
3rd place Why do I always have to play Joseph in the Christmas pagent?  Carol
Honorable Mentions
  • Ode to Star Wars ...
    • Remember the force, Luke!
    • "Luke...I am your father!"
    • Help me Obi-Jacka-Nobie; You're my only hope!
    • The Force is what gives a Jedi his power.
    • You have much to learn Luke, may the force be with you.
    • And may the force be with you, my son
    • Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.
    • Do I look like Yoda to you?
  • In this corner, weighing 14 pounds....
  • Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee...
  • What round is it?
  • Jackie Russell starring in "Les Miserables"
  • What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
  • I Jack-Hood will steal the biscuits from the rich, and . . .keep them for myself!
  • "Aye Robin, tis true.........the Sheriff of Nottingham has indeed captured Maid Marion!"
  • I could've been a contender!
  • Rubba-dub-dub...now i'm a clean pup!!!!
  • I'm gonna be the next Downey Fabric Softner Baby!!
  • I am NEVER going after one of those stinky black and white things again!
  • "I smell pretty, oh so pretty"
  • You see? ...I told you Jaws was nothing but a punk...
  • It's TERRYcloth? Oh, I thought you said TERRIERcloth!!
  • Mona Lisa's dog.
  • (sigh)... It ain't easy being green.
  • It was awful! There was soap and water....
  • Gee, your jack smells terrific!
  • Look ma! I'm Noah
  • "How do you solve a problem like Maria?"

Results from Contest # 28 [July 13, 2003 - 309 entries]

Contest #28 1st place Mom said I'm going to be a working terrier, so I think I'll be a dentist!  Jean
2nd place Quick, check. Can you still smell the floormat on my breath?  zips
3rd place Please...no...we'll fog up the car windows.  Patrick
Honorable Mentions
  • Are you sure that there isn't a new tooth there? Look closer
  • Mom, he's touching me!
  • One more time..."and the wheels on the bus go round and round..."
  • Ever hear of Tic Tacs?
  • "I feel pretty, oh so pretty"
  • He's gonna knock himself out if he keeps smelling my breath like this!!
  • Mom... He's touching me again!!!
  • Hey Jacko...take a look...I think that last cat gave me a fur ball.
  • Oh, behave!
  • ...and she was like, and then I was like Oh My God, and then Becky...
  • 'Why do you look so happy, this is probably another booster shot ride'
  • Never, I say NEVER, gobble up a hot pepper if it's dropped on the floor.
  • I found my thrill...on Blueberry Hill.
  • Wanna play doctor?
  • "Pick me, I'm the CUTE one!"
  • Just you wait. I'm going to tell mom you said that!
  • Can you hear me now????
  • Wow, do you lick your human with that breath?
  • I still can't see your pedigree.....maybe it's tattoo'd on your butt.
  • Think mom will notice the gold tooth?

Results from Contest # 27 [July 6, 2003 - 298 entries]

Contest #27 1st place Driving Miss Crazy.  Jennifer
2nd place I wish they could get someone else to test-pilot these things.  Melissa
3rd place I come in peace!  Diane
Honorable Mentions
  • I feel the need.... for speed.
  • To infinity and beyond!
  • I'm going in!
  • Lucky now demands this kind of star treatment since she heard she'd be in the caption contest.
  • Who cares if I look strange?? Chicks dig it!
  • I'm too sexy for my car...
  • Bandits at 3 O'Clock Maverick...
  • Riding in cars with dogs
  • It's a dog!!!!!! it's a car!!!!!!! it's dog in a car!!!!!
  • Boy, That one in the middle is a fox.
  • Get into my car! Step into my dreams!
  • The lesser known WWII Flying Ace took over after Snoopy was discharged for a housebreaking accident.
  • OK, who turned the sun off?
  • Am I dead sexy or what?!?!
  • You looking at me? I said,are you looking at me?
  • "Bad to my bones" (and stuffed animals)
  • "Get your motor runnin', Head out on the Hiway! Born to be Wild! Born to be Wild!
  • I hate it when I get bugs in my eyes.
  • I dare you to come over here and say that!
  • Is their intelligent life out there other than me?
  • Luke, I am your father!
  • Go Speedracer Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • To the Bat Cave Robin............
  • Are these goggles really necessary?
  • Need more power captain!
  • Ahhhhh.. how you doin officer?
  • Dude your alarm system bites.
  • Yes, I'll have a number 3 with no lettuce and an order of chicken nuggets please.
  • What do ya mean, 'The Gatsby look' is out?
  • Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away !

Results from Contest # 26 [June 29, 2003 - 179 entries]

Contest #26 1st place I think I failed my math final.  Ashley
2nd place Dude....where's my car?  Erin
3rd place Ever have one of those nights that you had too many Cat Daquiris?  Erin
Honorable Mentions
  • You always dress like me! Copy-Jack!
  • It's the new thing, I'm tellin ya! Ladies love it! C'mon, flip yours back too!
  • I guess we should go patrol the yard.
  • Blah, blah, blah, I hate when she bends my ear talking.
  • Watch, watch -- Judge Judy is gonna let him have it!
  • Dog days of summer ...
  • Can you hear me now?
  • Having recently chased a cat, the two watch its owner try to get it off the roof.
  • Hey Roger, that last cat did me. I got fur burn!
  • What about me? She slapped my ear crooked.
  • Like I told you man, she's not worth it. You gotta snap out of it.
  • I'm not going to take this lying down!!!
  • You're depressed?! Look at my ear!
  • Timeouts stink!
  • Who's cleaning THAT up?
  • Wait for it, Wait for it, Wait for it, NOW! you missed it. Wait for it...
  • Look, the mailman's coming. You hit him low and I'll hit him high.
  • We have formed an alliance and are going to vote Wishbone off the island!
  • Is that how mom and dad made us?

Results from Contest # 25 [June 22, 2003 - 218 entries]

Contest #25 1st place Now that's going to leave a mark!  Dan
2nd place Last one in's a CAT!  Erin
3rd place Ah, the dog days of summer....  Jennifer
Honorable Mentions
  • Now this is what I call a water dish!!!
  • I'm going in......someone told me thats a Baby Ruth on the bottom.
  • Slippery when wet
  • Jack Cousteau
  • Crikey, Steve! I'll save you from that croc!
  • Oh, the things I do just to get in the Caption Contest......
  • Who says I can't doggie paddle!
  • The Nestea Plunge!
  • This belly flop is going to cost me points!
  • The elusive Jack-ness Monster once again escapes into the blue lagoon . . . .
  • Cannonball!!!!
  • Jack suspects that his final high-board dive will fail to impress the judges.
  • Ahoy mate, could ye push the backside in?
  • "9.5", "9.0", "10", "10", "9.5", "10"
  • Waterfront Dining
  • Rinse and repeat
  • You can take the dog out of the seal, but you can't take the seal out of the dog.
  • Mmm... this looks just like the blue water from the toilet! I wonder how it tastes...
  • Hey, where are my floaties??!
  • Jumpin' Jack Splash
  • I'm gonna wash that cheating stud right outta my hair!

Results from Contest # 24 [June 15, 2003 - 240 entries]

Contest #24 1st place Say hello to my little friend !!!  bighammermac
2nd place Lions, Tigers and Bars....OH MY!!!!!!!!  Lisa
3rd place Oh yeah, just wait til I make parole.  Dianne
Honorable Mentions
  • You want some of this???
  • "I say, I say, who you barkin' at boy?"
  • I'm serving 3 consecutive sentences for steak-lifting.
  • Oh, my goodness, do you ever need grooming.
  • And my little teeth are very sharp and sometimes I pee on my foot.
  • I don't even have the bear necessities in here!
  • " Whatta mean we lost the appeal? What kind of lawyer are you?
  • "Dont worry about me Frizz, I'll make a break for it later--Save yourself!! Run Frizz, run!!"
  • I may be small, but I have big dreams!
  • JRT (sarcasticly): ooh, i'm soooooooo scared!
  • Hey Buddy, I could use some Chow!
  • Mentos!!! The Freshmaker!!
  • I can't bear it!
  • "Hey, aren't you that Cowardly Lion from Oz?"
  • Ciao, baby!
  • Honest, I'm innocent! I've never seen that bone before!
  • Just slip the file into the kibble, they'll never know.
  • Help! A giant squirrel is after me!
  • Is it chow time? I am a little hungry.
  • Butch was disappointed at the gales of laughter that greeted his new hairdo.
  • Mini me

Results from Contest # 23 [June 8, 2003 - 433 entries]

Contest #23 1st place Mildred ! Stop complaining about your 6th place or we're not taking you to another show!  Becky
2nd place Gotta go, Gotta Go, gotta go right now.  Frank
3rd place If you keep making ugly faces in the mirror, your face just might freeze like that.  Clare
Honorable Mentions
  • BISMILLAH! No, we will not let you go. LET HIM GO! Bismillah!
  • OK, who did it? Role the windowns down!!!
  • Are we having fun yet?
  • I'm thinking, Taco Bell and then a quick trip around the lake.
  • On top of apholstry, all covered in fur...
  • But he's breathing my air and touching me and looking at me!
  • The notorious group known as the Tri Color Gang successfully complete another car jacking.
  • We would have been there by now if you didn't pee on the map!
  • For the last time, NO! I will NOT stop and ask for directions!
  • Oh no. Pull over Sam's gotta hurl! I told you we shouldn't have stopped to munch on that road kill.
  • Taxi Cab Confessions!
  • What do you mean--"we left the people"???
  • Oh yeah! American Idol here we come!!
  • We would've gotten away with it if Frank hadn't been wearing that blasted locator collar!
  • "Another chorus of doggie in the window and I'm driving off a cliff !"
  • "How much is that doggie in the window ..."
  • Do you hear a howling in the back? We may have a mechanical problem.
  • Be quiet! We're almost there, you're not going to miss racing.
  • Are we there yet?

Results from Contest # 22 [June 1, 2003 - 179 entries]

Contest #22 1st place Why throw it home when you can take it home?  John
2nd place Run! Forest! Run!   Erin/Lori
3rd place He could go all the way...  Jennifer
Honorable Mentions
  • Catch me if you can!
  • 15 Loveeee!!!
  • These ears do work like wings!
  • "Foul Ball"
  • If it were snowing - I'd be invisible
  • Tastes like chicken.
  • It's not a tumor!
  • Hey, I'm as good as Anna K. and frankly, just as sexy!
  • Why John McEnroe DOESN'T own a Jack Russell Terrier.
  • What they don't show is the giant bird, trying to get her egg back!
  • Perhaps if I let go of the ball.... my feet will return to the ground
  • Flying through the air with the greatest of ease . . .
  • "Don't drop the ball, don't drop the ball, whatever you do, don't drop the ball."
  • Gone with the wind.

Results from Contest # 21 [May 25, 2003 - 254 entries]

Contest #21 1st place Jackie on the cover of the new JRT Swimsuit Issue  Cameron
2nd place "Is this what you mean by true grit?"  Jane
3rd place Gilligan!!!  SMH
Honorable Mentions
  • The next joker that yells, "Wave Coming!" is gonna get bit
  • Did someone say "clam bake"?
  • G-T-S (go to sand)
  • "Do I have anything on my face?"
  • Arrgh, I's found it.....it's the treasure o Black Lab the Pirate
  • Somebody help me! Think I'm in too deep!!!
  • What do you mean there's no NHC to crab?
  • "Don't just sit there . . . grab a shovel"
  • Life is a Beach!
  • Any one have an extra tissue?
  • "Run or tunnel, run or tunnel....."
  • Sand manages to get into the darnest places, doesn't it?!
  • I don't have time for a photo op! I'm working here!
  • Clams everywhere tremble at the mention of my name!
  • Oh where? Oh where did my jellyfish go? Oh where? Oh where could he be?
  • Were did I bury that Corona?
  • OK, now am I under 15 inches?

Results from Contest # 20 [May 18, 2003 - 172 entries]

Contest #20 1st place Proof that all species of females fight for the bridal bouquet.  Erin
2nd place The performers that didn't make the cut for Cirque de Soleil.  Daniel
3rd place Blue moon, I saw u bouncing alonnnnnnneeeee!  Lydia
Honorable Mentions
  • And the Mets lost today due to 4 very confused outfielders.
  • "Always a bridesmaid...never a bride"
  • I got it! I got it! I got it!...
  • The start of the JRT Basketball finals. The Lickers vs Spuds.
  • The 1st Annual Jack Russell Ball, some sang, some danced and a good time was had by all.
  • "The sky is falling, the sky is falling...COOL for us!!
  • Newton's 1st Law: An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an equal or opposite force
  • It is a foul....it is a foul....IT IS A FOUL, FOOL.
  • Ah, the famous dance of the swans.
  • Matrix moves won't help you win this time!
  • "Spurs beat the Lakers!.......Spurs beat the Lakers!"
  • These JRTs are inspired by a visit to Sea World
  • As master hunters, JR's sometimes loose sight of their goal.
  • They can sing but we can dance.
  • When the working day is done, girls just wanna have fun. Oh girls just wanna have fun!

Results from Contest # 19 [May 11, 2003 - 307 entries]

Contest #19 1st place Wait a minute, hold on.... NO! She's not spayed!!!!  Jennifer
2nd place Can you believe he swung at that pitch?  Lee
3rd place Are you sure we are facing the right way to get measured for height cards!??  Emmy
Honorable Mentions
  • Yeah buddy!!.....that welsh corgi has a NICE tan!!!!
  • Officer, my ID is on my other collar !
  • "Andrew and Afton weren't looking for the normal fox"
  • It's two out in the bottom of the ninth inning . . .
  • Smells like chicken.....
  • Aren't we supposed to face our executioners?
  • "Check out the tail on that one..."
  • Hey, Wilson!
  • Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha going do when they come for you?
  • Man these urinals are nice
  • Good Daniel-San, paint up, down, up down...long strokes.
  • I told you the paint was wet, now our noses are stuck.
  • See! I told you they were swimming around with their collars off!
  • Do ya think we look cute enough to get in the caption contest?
  • Avon Calling!
  • Hilda: We're being robbed! Do something, Fred! Fred: I think I already have!
  • I just can't wait until we're old enough to get in this joint!
  • Clyde, I told you to wear the bandana over your face!
  • HELP...Our thounges are thtuck

Results from Contest # 18 [May 4, 2003 - 134 entries]

Contest #18 1st place Paws and Reflect  Tim
2nd place You're heard of pocket fuzz before... well I'm the real thing!  Caroline
3rd place Kilroy was here...  anonymous
Honorable Mentions
  • "Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away..."
  • "...sigh...She had me at hello!"
  • Stolen by a denim kangaroo at birth.
  • "Sighhhhh, it's tough being the new Red Sox mascot"
  • I'm tired and I want to go home.
  • If I look a little pale, its because the circulation has been cut off.
  • You have no idea the insanity I can cause.
  • Why sometimes all you need is black and white film.
  • Hey, who said I dont look good in my 501s
  • I'm bored.
  • I feel I'm watching my puppyhood slip away from me.
  • Button fly guy
  • Nothing beats a good pair of jeans!
  • Ed, I know it's a disappearing act, but I can still see your paws and head.

Results from Contest # 17 [April 27, 2003 - 216 entries]

Contest #17 1st place Doc, I tried the cream, but this thing keeps coming back.  JaS
2nd place Often mistaken for a parasitic twin, Winky longed for warmer days.  DBScotland
3rd place On top of old Smokey, all covered with hair...  Becky
Honorable Mentions
  • Darn it Max!!! The papparazzi found us again!
  • I won the bet so I get to call the shots for the whole week ;)
  • Would someone please get the Frontline????
  • OK, explain "Dog Bed" to me one more time.
  • Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.
  • Spidey sense tingling... "the goblin" must be nearby
  • Once you reach the top, the air starts getting thinner!
  • The ticks this year are ridiculous!!
  • What? Can't you see I'm sleeping!!
  • Does this rug come in any other colors?
  • Cheese? Did I hear someone say cheese?
  • Red tried for many years, but never did get the jack off his back...
  • Now if only I could figure out how to get him into my crate . . .
  • Okay...30 sec rest and then...around the block again!
  • What do you mean, I can't keep him?

Results from Contest # 16 [April 21, 2003 - 209 entries]

Contest #16 1st place The snack that smiles back - Goldfish!  AmyBeth
2nd place Moi, Jack Cousteau watcheez zee colorful clown feesh play along the reev.  Don
3rd place I love fishies cuz they're so delicious...  Kayla
Honorable Mentions
  • "I'll get the Emeril's seafood seasoning!"
  • I'd better wipe the nose prints off the glass before they get home.
  • Please, don't pet the fish!
  • HELP ME ! My tongue is stuck!
  • Can I get fries with that order?
  • Why can't they remember to fill my bowl before they leave?
  • Don't go into the light!!!
  • Which of you are regular and which are extra crispy???
  • Jack liked to terrorize the fish by tapping on the glass...
  • Hey, what's all that green stuff in my hot tub?
  • Fish! The other white meat!
  • What's a Catfish?
  • I got to stop that noise before I pee!
  • Would you rather me drink from the toilet?
  • Whats your sign? Aquarium? Great, lets get tanked
  • Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads, eat them up yum
  • Jumpin' Jack Splash!
  • Oh no...I see a floater!
  • Cancel our Reservations at Red Lobster!
  • I thought I ate that fish already

Results from Contest # 15 [April 13, 2003 - 298 entries]

Contest #15 1st place I've left a list of my demands in my crate...  Champ
2nd place That picture just better not show up on the Internet!  Marshall
3rd place I'll never let go Jack, I'll never let go! (Titanic).  Nicole
Honorable Mentions
  • Could I get some privacy, please?
  • Rinse and what !?!?
  • "I've fallen and I can't get out!"
  • Okay ... Which one of you flushed?
  • I said....This tub's taken.
  • Calgon, take me away!
  • How many times do I have to tell you... the mouse was THIS big!
  • Bartender, I'll have a Jack and Coke.
  • The dealer ceases all bets.
  • Don't wash away the oils in my skin! Don't you ever read the forum?
  • Come any closer with that shampoo and you're HISTORY!
  • "I'm warning you, this isn't going to be pretty!"
  • Will someone PLEASE get me a towel !!!
  • Alright... who left the seat up?
  • I was a St. Bernard when I got in here.
  • Put Down the Camera and PICK ME UP!!!!
  • Whoa! Whoa!, When I said Shower Me, I'm talking "LOVE"
  • You are probably wondering why I gathered you all here...
  • Good for 2000 flushes!!!
  • You should see the other guy!

Results from Contest # 14 [April 6, 2003 - 250 entries]

Contest #14 1st place Tail docking--this won't hurt a bit!  Fran
2nd place Needs salt.  Angie
3rd place You act like youíve never seen a conga line.  Dan
Honorable Mentions
  • Tenacity: taking a tiger by the tail
  • Tail envy takes it toll
  • Tastes like chicken!!
  • Who's king of the jungle now? huh? huh?
  • I caught it.....you clean it and cook it.
  • Caaaaaan you feeeeel the teeeth tonight.
  • And the flea was doing something like this...
  • Run! Save yourself! I don't think I can hold him much longer!
  • I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us Kid.
  • Look up the word innocent in the dictionary, you'll find my picture.
  • Whadd'ya mean, I bit off more'n I could chew?
  • In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...
  • Jacks, and tigers and bears, oh my!
  • I Thought It Was A Tweety Bird
  • Why is everyone always bigger than me?
  • Tastes ggrrrreat!
  • Kitty must die...

Results from Contest # 13 [March 30, 2003 - 158 entries]

Contest #13 1st place Bitten by a radioactive spider at a young age...  Rich
2nd place They said the circus was hiring.  Randy
3rd place I gotta pee...  Danica
Honorable Mentions
  • BOING!
  • He's out!
  • I want off this ride!
  • Desperate for answers, the Cincinatti Bengals set their sights low.
  • Proof that gravity is all a big hoax.
  • The gravity on this strange planet is throwing my game off.
  • Ok, who's the wise guy with the glue.. A little help here!!!
  • You'll never get to first base with me around!
  • Hang 8
  • The first four-legged ball girl in the history of Wimbeldon.
  • Gravity doesn't apply unless you realize you're sideways, right?
  • Hey! who put fly paper on this thing?
  • The Matrix unleashed
  • Help! I'm falling and I can't give up!!
  • Why do I have to wear this life preserver lookin' thing?
  • If I only had a skateboard, this ramp would be perfect!!!
  • Jack had WAY too much sugar that he's now bounding off the walls!
  • YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! Clearly, that was my point!!
  • I should've had a V-8!!!
  • Scene from hot new movie Matrix 4:Jacked In.
  • Come fly away, Come fly away, Come, fly away with me......

Results from Contest # 12 [March 23, 2003 - 343 entries]

Contest #12 1st place Officer, I swear, she said she was spayed!  JLA
2nd place I want to talk to my rescue rep!  Toni
3rd place Does he look like the fiend that stole your chewie, ma'am?  Dev
Honorable Mentions
  • They're getting really serious about these height cards, huh?
  • One little puddle on the carpet and the next thing you know I'm in cuffs.
  • The usual suspect!
  • "I'm tellin' ya, the bitch set me up!!!"
  • Jack starring in "The Pawshake Redemption"
  • When rats rule the earth.
  • I'll be on the streets in the morning! I plead instinctual insanity!
  • With good behavior, how much time am I looking at in dog years?
  • Bad jack, bad jack, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
  • 11 inches of agression baby!
  • Just give me an inch and I will take a mile!
  • Yea, I did it.
  • This is a case of mistaken identity. I just look like I am wearing a mask!
  • Do you know what they do to puppies like you in the clink?
  • It wasn't me I tell ya, I can't go to the pen, I got a wife and three pups.
  • It was the 3-legged dog! I swear!

Results from Contest # 11 [March 16, 2003 - 287 entries]

Contest #11 1st place "Ma, tell me again I wasn't adopted. I need to hear it."  Roosternj
2nd place Heya big boy...wanna wrussell?  DB
3rd place I just can't concentrate with you peering over my shoulder like that!  Liz
Honorable Mentions
  • Are we gonna get that cat Spike? Huh, are we, huh?
  • Me and my shadow.
  • "Look Boss! The plaaaaaane, the plaaaaaaane!"
  • It's good to have friends in high places
  • Hey buddy, this seat's taken!
  • Raindrops keep fallin' on my head...
  • I know you are, but what am I?
  • So what do you think Bullwinkle???
  • C'mon, I'll spot you a quarter mile...
  • Oh webmaster, I promise to be good in chat, really I do, once more chance!
  • When I grow up I really hope I dont look like you.
  • No, I CAN'T see the parade, would you PLEASE put me on your shoulders?
  • Oh my, I hope he doesn't drool again...
  • Wow, you could get my biscuits off the top of the fridge! Ya' busy?
  • Dude, you might be a big dog, but how about some dental health, man??
  • Hehe! Thanks big guy, I never saw the dog catcher run that fast before!
  • It's elementary Dear Watson
  • If I am 150 pounds and 4 feet tall... then this guy must be just huge!

Results from Contest # 10 [March 9, 2003 - 285 entries]

Contest #10 1st place OOOOOOOOOOklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain!!!!  Kurt
2nd place Can you believe this outfit? I know! The belt TOTALLY doesn't work!  Holly
3rd place Is it just me or is there a draft?  Steve
Honorable Mentions
  • I still feel a draft.
  • Ralph screams when he sees his reflection in the mirror!
  • "Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges"
  • "Circle family, dosado, allemande left, couples promenade . . ."
  • You best be outa town by sundown, partner.
  • Are you ready for some football?!?
  • "I TOLD you...I can only wear button fly jeans! These zippers pinch!"
  • I hate when my owners get bored.
  • Ol' Sparky's days on the trail just ain't what they used to be...
  • Jack reaction when he realized that his owner had the camera.
  • Why genetic research needs to be carefully controlled.
  • I'm not going to stop screaming until you take this this off me!!!!!
  • Welcome friends and neighbors to the Grand Ole Opry!
  • Skippy -- Employee of the Mouth
  • Reality TV's "Joe Western", but the girls don't know he's really from NY.
  • Step away from the bone and nobody gets hurt.
  • Cowboy Jim looked a little dogged.
  • Home, home on the range, where I chase the deer and antelope.
  • My hands! I can't move my hands! Oh, I don't have hands.
  • I'm fine. Thank you for asking. Just got in from the airport...
  • "Tell AKC I'm coming.....and I'm bringing Hell with me!"
  • If you think this is sexy, you should see me in me Daisy Duke cutoffs!

Results from Contest # 9 [March 2, 2003 - 375 entries]

Contest #9 1st place Doe: A Dear, a Female Dear. Prey: A Victim on the Run. Me: The Jack....  Whiskey Pete
2nd place To cross this lake you must first answer these 3 questions correctly...  EB-AZ
3rd place I told you I could make her weak at the Knees!  Sarah
Honorable Mentions
  • She wanted to break off the relationship, so she sent him a Deer Jack photo
  • Your conformation stance is all wrong! Who is your coach anyways?
  • Frankly, my deer, I don't give a damn.
  • The standoff was hours old when the photographer captured a tail wag.
  • What a JRT thinks when he see his own reflection.
  • Hmmm...the buck stops here!
  • Okay, okay....don't show fear, don't show fear...aw man I think I just peed.
  • I want to talk to Santa.
  • Please don't tell me you're entered in the hurdles.
  • Have you tried gluing down your ears???
  • "Didn't we meet once in Venison?"
  • "Are you my Mother?"
  • She's got legs!!!! She knows how to use them!!!
  • Aaah! The Lock Ness Monster, run for the hills!
  • Dude... your bowl of water is huge!!!
  • This has got to be the craziest funhouse mirror I've ever seen...
  • Come back 'ere! I'll bite yer kneecaps off!!
  • You're nobody's foal!

Results from Contest # 8 [February 23, 2003 - 450 entries]

Contest #8 1st place Rusty getting sworn in before the terrier trial.  Remmie
2nd place For the last time, I'm NOT discussing my relationship with Britney.  S. Davidson
3rd place Please stop singing! You are NOT the next American Idol.  JLA
Honorable Mentions
  • Evan, how could you pick Zora over me?
  • Talk to the left 'cause ya know ya aint right!
  • Live long and prosper!
  • STOP! in the name of love, before you break my heart...
  • OOH OOH OOH I know the answer.
  • Talk to the paw!
  • Stop right there, I gotta know right now, do ya love me.!!!
  • Be Healed!
  • Got beano?
  • Do you have this in a size 6?
  • No Pictures! Please!
  • Hold it right there buddy, I don't want to hear the word "fixed" - ever
  • No more cat for me, I'm on a diet!
  • Badges, I don't need no stinkin badges!
  • Not tonight STUD, I have a HEADACHE.
  • Are you okay? How many toes am I holding up?
  • Tell me please! Should I paint my nails Foxy Red or Ground Hog Gray?
  • Stop! Do I smell....BACON!!!!
  • Are you lookin at me? Are YOU LOOKIN AT ME?
  • Ya put your left foot in and you shake it all about.....
  • Whoa! Can I see your JRTCA card, ma'am?
  • The Teenage years have hit, and now Sam only talks to his human through his paw.

Results from Contest # 7 [February 16, 2003 - 350 entries]

Contest #7 1st place OK real funny guys! Now who took my pants?  Bizkit
2nd place Don't go in there...it'll poke yer eye out ;-(  C Harwood
3rd place Ooohhh, I think I had too many margaritas last night!  Erin Schwartzkopf
Honorable Mentions
  • Hey Bob, will you hand me the pipe wrench please!
  • Holy Jack, Batman! Someone's found the secret location of the Batcave!
  • They call me Draino
  • It's 5 a.m.!!!!!! What is wrong with you people?
  • A new holiday... If the Jack sees his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter!
  • Aw, man, you woke me up from a great pipe dream.
  • I don't care what the guy told you; this is hardly a top-quality doghouse.
  • Is this not the biggest chew stick in the world?
  • Do look like a morning person to you!!!??
  • You mean, I'm not Punxsatawney Phil?
  • Are YOU my mother?
  • No really, I'm awake.
  • Rosy endures the harsh training for the upcoming Jack Russell Fear Factor.
  • I'll never drink white zinfandel again!
  • Two words "GO AWAY"
  • I'm afraid you have a major plumbing problem! This is going to cost you!
  • Last night is a total blur. Where am I?!
  • Itsy bitsy puppy crawled up the water spout...

Results from Contest # 6 [February 9, 2003 - 326 entries]

Contest #6 1st place Faster, Faster!! We have to get ALL the water out before they get home.  Chris
2nd place Convincing Sam to be a duck, Fred realized the hypnotism class worked.  S. Davidson
3rd place Look! A Baby Ruth!!!!!  Jill
Honorable Mentions
  • My hair, My hair, watch the hair.
  • "Nice Tan Lines"
  • Sparky jumps in to save the little green fuzzy ball from a watery death.
  • No! It was my turn to rescue Timmy!
  • Last one in's a French Poodle!!!
  • I said to wait 1/2 hour - you'll get cramps!
  • Marco! ......... Poloooooooooo........
  • Pool doesn't feel as cold since the neutering!
  • Bert dives to the rescue of the bikini clad chihuahua.
  • I see you raising your leg! You better not be peeing in the pool again!
  • Get outta the water!!! Shark!
  • And the swimming judge calls a false start...
  • Ducks in the water! Ducks in the water!
  • Free Willy!!! Free Willy!!
  • Bad bad boys, what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when they come for you?
  • The "Baywatch" team has gone truly gone to the dogs!!!
  • Ummm ... I think I feel a warm spot

Results from Contest # 5 [February 2, 2003 - 341 entries]

Contest #5 1st place I can't believe they kicked me out of Petsmart. Harassing the mice?!?!  Martini
2nd place I believe we just lost the camper!  Sharron
3rd place What do you mean I don't look like the picture on the cab licence?  Dianne
Honorable Mentions
  • Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  • If I hear "Are we there yet" one more time...!
  • "Good evening, Clarice."
  • Yes, you've been carJACKED and were going to the park!
  • One more word out of you and im pulling over!
  • Look, I only know how to chase them, not drive them.
  • 99 milk bones in a bag... 99 bones in a bag...
  • All terriers under 25 lbs must be strapped into an approved dog safety seat.
  • That will be a belly rub and two dog bones. Have a nice day.
  • Alright now, did everyone go to the bathroom before we get on the road?
  • Lady, it looks to me like you're gonna need a new muffler real soon.
  • They left me, they really left me...
  • Look deeply into my eyes....you will get me a hamburger, you will get .....
  • 3 inches!!! This silly wicket, I thought I was 10 1/2.
  • See, I'm under. Now gimme my height card!
  • (sigh) my fourth speeding ticket this week....
  • sniff..snifff....and they think my bed stinks...
  • Ok everybody, what is that smell back there!?
  • Halfway through his escape plan, Bob realizes his feet won't reach.
  • Do I at least get my one phone call?
  • JRT viewed in wide screen format.
  • I've been framed!
  • You don't really want to sit here, do you? It's a bit wet.

Results from Contest # 4 [January 26, 2003 - 367 entries]

Contest #4 1st place Skipper considers his options when faced with neutering  Jan Lovell
2nd place I'm not a Sky Terrier, I'm not a Sky Terrier, I'm not a Sky Terrier  John Thompson
3rd place ...and that makes three trainers already this week!  EdII
Honorable Mentions
  • Okay, it "was" my favorite tennis ball.
  • You're sure this was what they meant by 'flyball'?
  • Disney's newest animated feature: The Terrier King
  • Ummm... my agent said remote location... but...
  • I'm tired of being the coyote!
  • Bob considers his mother's advice about jumping off a cliff...
  • Oh dear, why did I fall for that "triple dog dare"!
  • Hey! Do you have any Grey Poupon?
  • Uh, I suggest you read the small print...there is no certificate to Puma.
  • Jack Daniels, straight up, on the rocks
  • I'm Free.....Free Falling!
  • Ok, Lassie, calm down...I'll go get Timmy!
  • If my calculations are correct, I should land just in time for dinner!

Results from Contest # 3 [January 19, 2003 - 269 entries]

Contest #3 1st place Left right, left right... Don't you eyeball me boy!  Jackson
2nd place "I'm a little tired of your hostile attitude, Ethel."  Teresa Marsico
3rd place No, no, no...for the last time, I'M a huntin' dog and YOU are the quarry!  WVman
Honorable Mentions
  • Forget it! Lil Red Riding Hood is my mom.
  • Ever have something stuck in your foot and you don't know what it is?
  • Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
  • Where were you last night? Do you love me? You never listen to me!
  • Hey look at us! We are Mutt and Jeff!!!
  • "You're a little snippy today, aren't you Mavis?"
  • "I'm sorry, but a JRT never yields the right of way."
  • Mr. Bigshot, you just HAD to enter the six-legged race!
  • Hey kid, does my forehead say "Milkbone"?
  • Tastes like chicken.
  • "Nice blinker jerk!"
  • Hut, two, three, four.... Come on, get moving, private. You're slacking!
  • You put your left paw out and shake it all about, do the hokey pokey ..

Results from Contest # 2 [January 12, 2003 - 428 entries]

Contest #2 1st place "Ahhh, senior pictures.....I looked like a dork back then!"  Craig Alan Masson
2nd place Ummm....I kina ate shome shuper glue.  Erin Schwartzkopf
3rd place Mug shot of the JRT known as: Mr. I. M. Innocent  Jill Olson
Honorable Mentions
  • Hi, I'm from the federal government and I'm here to help you.
  • I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonit...people like me.
  • This better be a good passport photo!!
  • Got Rat?
  • Do I have any squirrel in my teeth?
  • "Hey, Doc, have you ever seen a better bite?"
  • I'm a Hair Club member!
  • I may not be the best looking guy here, but I'm the only one talking to you.
  • AFLAC!
  • Gee! Your hair smells TERRIER-IFIC
  • I like Pina Colada's, getting caught in the rain, the feel of the ocean ...
  • Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
  • If Shakespeare were a dog ...
  • Hi, I'll be your waiter today.
  • Yeah it was me.
  • I'm Batman!!
  • Excuse me, but don't I know you from the clinic?
  • You like me! You really like me!
  • I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty and witty and fine!
  • Yup, cat does taste like chicken.

Results from Contest # 1 [January 5, 2003 - 128 entries]

Contest #1 1st place Look, from up here you can Sparky's bald spot. Jesse
2nd place "Crate trained" Lori Young
3rd place OK let's get a move on, it's almost Happy Hour! LeeAnn
Honorable Mentions
  • We promise to Love, Honor and Obey you; well maybe just Love and Honor. Jill Olson
  • Uneasy riders on the waggin' train! Anonymous
  • Do they really think that this second crate is necessary? Tina
  • I think we can break out of this joint, if we can clear that red fence." Chris Nigh
  • "It's all there in black and white" Denice
  • I guess I need to be more precise when I say bring home a six pack. Daisy
  • If this is First Class, what's Coach like? Mary Jean Albanese
  • I think you're going to need a bigger wagon. Tom Collmar
  • I think it's time to call Century 21.. Terrier Treatz
  • No wonder these tickets are so cheap! Erin Schwartzkopf
  • Researchers have discovered a way to package pure energy! Allison Olcsvay
  • Jacks in a Box. Stefania and Sarah Smith and Mellyne Sonoda